I Got You Babe - A love poem from the bride to her husband on their wedding day

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Q1: What is your Name?
A1: Kimberley 

Q2: What is your Email Address?
A2: withheld

Q3: Who do you want the poem written for ?
A3: My fiance on our wedding day. His name is Todd.

Q4: Why do you want the poem written ?
A4: I want to read the poem during the reception. I want him to know how much
I love him and how happy I am that we finally got to this point.

Q5: What are the key messages you would like the poem to send ?
A5: We met 8 years ago through a dating service, he was still hooked on
another girl Jen but I loved him from the first moment. We broke up a year
later because he was torn between us. Every 6 months since then, he has
contacted me to try again. I was with another guy Paul who I know loved me
but couldnt commit and would play games. 3 years ago, Todd asked me to look
at engagement rings with him. I did but got scared, met another guy John and
left. One and a half years ago, he contacted me. We got together again,
things were fine but again, I got scared and left him. A month later I found
out he had a new job. I was jealous I wasnt involved in it and contacted him.
We got engaged 6 months after and here we are a year later!! We are getting
married in September and I cant wait! Any of this would be wonderful in it.
Its our history :) We also overcame a religion problem. He was jewish when we
dated but a few years ago converted to christianity. Although his family
remains jewish, we are so much happier sharing our faith together. Somehow 8
years ago, I knew we would be here today!! He is my best friend. This does
not need to be religous because his family is still jewish!

Q6: Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable
moments that you would like to share ?
A6: Memorable/sad-the day my grandfather died I hadnt heard from Todd in
almost 9 months. 4 hours after he died, Todd called me out of the blue. He
had no idea but I believe somehow he knew. My grandfather was going to be on
the other side of my father when I finally got married, we were that close.
Somehow Todd knew the pain I was in. This is important because it means we
are "connected" somehow. Although Todd thinks I am fruity thinking that.
He makes me laugh all the time with his jokes and funny voices. We had to do
kareoke at our engagement party and he knew the song but I didnt so he sang
the song while I just stood there in front of the whole party! Talk about
embarrassing! I wonder if I could get any redder! The song was "I got you
babe" by Sonny and Cher.
Our first date we saw Jurassic Park (it was that or Sleepless in Seattle).
During the movie, when the dinos attacked, I told him I was scared, but just
wanted his arm around me. Well he didnt take the hint so after telling him
like 3 times more, I took his arm and placed it around my shoulders! To this
day, he makes fun of me of how I "took advantage of his innocence"!My 21st
birthday party, he had mono but came anyhow. He almost fell over during the
party but made sure he was there. Although he lived at home, during the day
while his family worked, I went over and helped him while he was sick, took
him to the doctor and made sure he took his medicine, made him drink lots of
liquids! Nursed him! He remembers..I was there when he found out it was mono.
During a snowstorm, he picked me up (with my parents warning us that he was
to bring me back, no games) and we went back to his house and called my
parents an hour later because it got "worse" out, but my dad said NO WAY!!
you got out in it, you get back! We still laugh! Stupid kids! Things we tried
to get away with.
My first night sleepover with him. Went to Don and Vals (my cousins)and had a
few too many drinks and couldnt drive home. So I called my parents and we
stayed over. This was big for me because I could never talk back to my
parents but Don and Valerie made me tell them "I am staying"!!
New Years 2000, during our last breakup, he asked me to go on a skiing trip
with him, I was too afraid of hurting Paul (who I was with) to go. I didnt. I
have regretted it ever since and he was devastated. He planned a whole trip
for us with friends and spent the whole weekend alone skiing while his
friends skiied with their dates :(

Q7: Do you have any other comments or thoughts ?
A7: I know he will be a wonderful dad someday. Although I have seen him with
children, I see it in the way he plays with our dog, Misty. He loves her to
death!! She is his baby too.
His cooking is good too!!
I know this is so much info, but I want something I can read and if its long
thats ok. I dont want a short saying but something that encompasses our whole
relationship. Thank you so much for everything!

Q8: What style of poem would you prefer ? (Happy, sad, romantic etc.)
A8: I would like a poem that I can read to him during the reception that
explains my love for him, what we have been through and overcome. I would
love to bring a tear to his eye to show him how much happiness he brings me.
Funny parts is good too because he makes me laugh.

Q9: Which charity would you like your donation made to ?
A9: any reputable pet rescue charity that does not kill the animals

Q10: Choose either the economy, standard, unique, deluxe or combo package.
A10: unique

Thank you for everything! Again I know its long but I am so excited. Also, I
noticed you advertise a free poem with purchase also. I would like something
small for my parents but can give you those details later if you like!!

Have a wonderful evening!!


I Got You Babe


Was it Jurassic Park or Sleepless in Seattle,

you really should remember your first date,

dinosaurs trapped with no place to go,

or two souls destined and guided by fate ?


You were slow in coming forward,

first date nerves or just common sense,

I guess there was no 'arm in trying,

I had to take advantage of your innocence.


I remember the night of the snowstorm,

inventiveness we didn't lack,

Mom uttered those immortal words:

"NO WAY, you got out in it, you get back !"


They say that breaking up is hard to do,

yet we've done it so many times,

we've trodden the valleys of despair,

and we've had our rocky climbs.


Life is too short for regrets,

no use crying, it's a waste of tears,

but I do wish I'd gone skiing,

on that very special New Years.


But all this will only make us stronger,

neither of us can possibly have any doubt,

because when I look into your eyes,

I just know what our love is all about.


You called me within hours,

on the day that Grandpa died,

maybe it was just coincidence,

or maybe we're connected deep inside.


 We've been torn by other lovers,

could be the words to a song,

and we've spent our time apart,

finding out what's right and who's wrong.


Only three years ago,

we were looking at engagement rings,

but I just got scared and ran,

afraid of the commitment that jewellery brings.


But destiny had its way,

written on a sheet at the Mets,

five words full of happiness,

and a lifetime with no regrets.


And we've spent our first Christmas together,

although I spent most of it ill in bed,

you cared for me so lovingly,

unlike the tree which was half decorated !


But it would be called Mount Everest,

if our love was a mountain to climb.

It would be all the ages past (and future),

if our love was a measure of time.


And it would be called the Universe,

if our love was the stars above,

and it is the only wish of this woman,

to marry my man with that love.


So I Got You Babe,

yes babe, I'm amazed by you, too,

just know that I'm so happy to be your bride,

and most of all, that I really, really LOVE YOU.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001





INCREDIBLE!! That's all I have to say! They are so wonderful! Thank you for
the revisions to the one to Todd (my fiancee) it came out great. The one to
my parents, I cant express how much I love it - I wouldn't change a word! I
think- no I know my mother (and aunts who will be there) will be crying!
Perfect effect! I wanted to touch them and that is it! You took the poem I
gave you from mom and turned it around so lovely.
I think I am actually going to read Todd's at the rehearsal dinner also, just
because its less people and a better effect. (mom will cry over that one too!)
Thank you again so very much! You do wonderful work!