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(Regina has kindly given her permission for her story to be shared)

Heroes - Sometimes the battle gets fought at home, a poem from proud parents to their son

Full Name:             Regina Thomas                                               

Who do you want the poem written for?: My Son                                                       
Why do you want the poem written ?: He joined the marines and was sent to Parris Island for boot camp.  He was sent before his actual departure date.

Key Messages:          How very proud we are of him for even considering the military with the world in the shape it is. He had to leave early with only seven hours notice.  He didn't get to see everyone he wanted to say bye to before he left.

Memorable Moments:     We had planned a big party that he didn't get to attend. There were a lot of tears that night.  Not only because we missed him but because he would be infantry and in great danger at war. He strives to be the best in anything he does.  In five weeks in hell, (boot camp) he had accomplished squad leader and was told he would graduate with honors in dress blues.  Little did he know he would get sick and be sent home on a medical discharge. He was so disappointed and felt like he failed and let everyone down.  He has never disappointed us in anything.  We are still waiting on him to be released.  He has a two year daughter who asks about him everyday. She doesn't understand why we can't go get her daddy and cries for him. I my self have shed tears every day.  We want him to know that he has not failed us and that we are very proud of him and he will always be our hero.  From Mom, Dad, James, Shannon, and Amaiya 

Style:                 Sentimental                                                 

Package Type:          Deluxe   


Heroes, sometimes don't go to battle,
sometimes they have to conquer their within,
sometimes their actions speak louder than words,
others, through fate, never get the chance to win.
But you are indeed, our hero,
you gave it your all and then a little more
and we just wanted you to know that we're proud  of you
and that's really what these words are for.
It takes a brave man to even consider the military,
especially with the world on its precarious edge,
it takes a brave man to volunteer,
and an even braver man to take the pledge.
And we're sorry you didn't get your party,
but you had to leave with only hours to spare
and as a marine, you knew your duty,
responsiveness goes with the uniform and the hair.
There were a lot of tears that night,
we knew you'd chosen the infantry and the risks attached,
but you were determined to make it as a marine
and that determination, simply couldn't be matched.
Because you always strive to be the best,
in anything you set your mind to
and that mind set helped you through boot camp,
God only knows what you had to go through.
And in five long weeks of hell,
you were already the leader of the squad,
but then fate decided to intervene
and you were struck, like a bolt from God.
And so very quickly and cruelly,
your dreams turned into dust,
but maybe everything for a reason
and maybe, in fate you should trust.
Because, believe me, you never let us down,
we are immensely proud of what you've done,
in fact, you've never disappointed us in anything,
you are in every way, a wonderful son.
And your little girl misses you so,
she misses you with all her heart
and today is the first day of the rest of your life
and I think with your spirit, that's a pretty good start.
So, just know that you haven't failed us
and yes, there's one more thing you should know,
we love you, we're very proud of you
and yes son, you are definitely our hero.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002
   Thank you so much! The poem looks great. There is only one little thing I see that I would like to change. Could you just change the word soldier to marine? I think it has it in there twice, but other than that everything looks great.

   I have no problem at all with you putting it on your website. You do not have to change any names or details.
   For the paper,  I would just like the plain-no background. Yes I would like it to be autographed and the handwritten draft as well. Also, at the end of the poem could you put.... Love Mom, Dad, James, Shannon and Amaiya.

   Again, Thanks so much! It is Wonderful!!  


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