Wedding Poems - Hello, My Knight - Renaissance Wedding



Full Name:             Carol Sambets (nick name Cas)                                

Who do you want the poem written for?: My soon to be husband Paul Styrcula                            

Why do you want the poem written ?: For our wedding. He is so loving and caring, I wanted to do something special for him. 2nd time for both of us. Check our web site we are getting married at the renaissance faire april 6 

Key Messages:          How he has brought so much love to my life. I've never been with a man who was so loving caring and giving. He is everything to everyone. I often wonder how he doesn't tire of being dad, son, (senior parents, we see them 2 times a week) and my fiancé, friend, work stress etc.

Memorable Moments:     We met roller blading, became friends, and he finally asked me out! Took forever! Actual about 4 weeks before our first date!! Although we skated with the local group  a few times Our first date was a hockey game, although I told him i wasnt exactly a hockey fan, but I would love to spend time with him. He got fabulous seats, and he made me a fan! That was the first weekend in November 2000, and we have been together ever since. He proposed on Valentines
Day. Gave me a beautiful emerald diamond ring.
We both love Jim Brickman, romantic pianist, the song, Valentine, and love of my life are our favorite. Actually right before I met him, I heard love of my life playing at work, and I said to my friends steve and Charlene, "that would make such a beautiful song for a wedding"  the whole time thinking Imagine, someone feeling that way about me. God how romantic! That should be part of the poem I think.
The way he looks at me, heart and soul, god he warms me to my toes. Romantic passionate warm and loving about me, his son Andy (he is 8) My sons are in their 20,s and I was so nervous about them accepting Paul. But they have accepted my relationship. Anyway, go to our site, and learn our stories! We both love the renaissance times and are marrying at the renaissance faire.

Other Comments:        Have I given you enough info? Importance of family, love of our children, commitment to each other, and our families, fun love laughter

Style:                 Oh so romantic!!!!                                          

Package Type:          Standard 




Hello, my knight in shining amour,

you've saved me from the dragon's lair,

and when I gaze into your eyes,

I see my hero standing there.


That warm lovely night we first met,

I skated into your life,

Today I stand so very proud,

that I'm about to be your wife.


You have bought so much love into my life,

I've never known a man so wonderful and giving,

you've simply made my life complete,

and all the better for living.


You are indeed a bold and handsome knight;

A father, a son, my friend, and lover,

I don't know how you find the time,

but I do know that I love you like no other.


The way that you’ve always looked at me,

oh  the love on your face positively shows,

it makes me feel so very warm inside,

warms my heart, my soul, my very toes.


It would be called Oxygen,

if our love was an air to breathe.

It would be the collective hopes of the world,

if our love was a dream to believe.


And it would be called the Universe,

if our love was the stars above,

and it is the only wish for myself today

to marry this  man with that love.


 And Paul, I promise you a lifetime of passion and commitment,

with you I feel so completely whole,

I love not only the man, you all see here

but the body, the heart and the soul.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

I asked Paul if it was OK to use some of the photos on the site, this is what he replied:


"Thank you for the Beautiful words you wrote for My Lady Cas. She spoke them to me straight from her Soul. And still today when I read them to myself it’s as if I’m stepping back in time and hearing her voice speak the words to me for the first time all over again. April 6th 2002 was truly a celebration our souls becoming as one.


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