This is a good example of the creative process that is used to arrive at the finished product. In this instance, not one poem - but two ! Satisfaction guaranteed ! Please read on....


Hi Allen,

My name is Deborah Moore.  I am getting married on October 15th.  I
have been looking around for a story, poem or passage to have read at my
wedding but have not found anything that truly captures my feelings.  My
fiancée and I have an unique story and I would love to have you write a
personal poem for us that will describe our relationship.  I really want my
wedding guests to know our history together and to truly understand how
special our love is.

My fiancée, Gregg Davi, and I met in third grade.  We both went to a private
school that was grades kindergarten through 12th.  My parents put me into
the school beginning with the third grade, where Gregg had already been
going to school there for 1st and 2nd grade.  We both have very little
recollection of each other in elementary school but we have school pictures
with both of us in them, even ones with us sitting next to each other.  In
the middle of 5th grade my family moved to the Netherlands.  My Father's job
transferred him.  We lived in the Netherlands for 5 years.  In 1990, my
family returned from Europe and I was put into 10th grade at the same
private school.  The high school was small and had only one 10th grade
class, which included Gregg.  Gregg and all the other kids who had known me
from kindergarten remembered me.  At first Gregg and I were not friends but
in December of 1991, he drove me home from a school function and we just hit
it off.  That evening he asked me out on a date and from then on we have
been together.  We both graduated from the high school in 1993.  We both
went to junior college directly after graduating and then after 3 years went
to San Jose State University.  In May 1999, we both graduated from San Jose
State University, Gregg with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and me with a
B.S. in Chemistry.  One year before we graduated from college, we moved out
and got an apartment together.  Two months ago we just bought our first
home.  One week ago we got our first pet, a 8 week old great dane puppy
named Sebastian.  In December of this year it will be 9 years that we have
been together.  We both have waited a long time to marry and so have our
families.  We both wanted to finish school and get settled with our jobs
before we married.  We also did not expect to buy a house before we got
married but the opportunity arose and we grabbed it. 

I think our story is unique and I would like to share it with my wedding
guests.  Not too many people have known each other since 3rd grade and
travelled across the world just to end up back in each others arms!  Please
write a romantic poem that describes our story and relationship. 

I would like the deluxe package since I need the poem quickly for the
wedding.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Thank you,

Deborah Moore

I replied...

Hi, Thank you for choosing A Gift Of Poetry.
As promised, please find enclosed the first draft of your poem. I have
assumed that you will read the poem to your guests so I have made it
romantic but have kept it reasonably light hearted. If you would like
any changes made then please let me know as soon as possible.
OK - here is your poem - I think it will make a nice speech - please let
me know your thoughts...
My Husband and I
How do you describe the feeling,
of finding your very own destiny ?
Where do you begin the story,
of a love that was meant to be ?
For those of you who don't know,
I met Gregg when I was in the third grade,
we sat and laughed together,
but kiss chase we never played.
And then I was whisked away,
to some far off foreign clime,
sometimes you have to go with the flow,
sometimes it's hard to make words rhyme.
And for five years we lived in Holland,
all windmills and wooden shoes,
But I would've rather lived here,
if only I'd got to choose !
We came back after the five years,
and I returned to my old school,
Gregg was in the only 10th grade class,
so you can see it was kinda small !
At first Gregg and I weren't that close,
until one night he drove me home,
and then I quickly realised,
that I no longer wished to roam !
We finished school together,
then college and university,
and now you can see why,
this was feeling like my destiny.
Now we're both Bachelors,
sparks and chemistry, a potent mix,
Gregg's got his electrical bits,
and you should see my bag of tricks !
And we've bought our first home,
and Sebastian, our great little pet,
and life is simply wonderful,
and you haven't seen anything yet !
And special thanks to our parents,
and everyone else who's played a role,
you've made our day complete,
you've made our lives feel whole.
Our love spanned the world,
we were so very far apart,
we were separated by many miles,
now we're joined together at the heart.
And now I've told our story,
well, I gave it one good try,
so please raise your glasses,
and toast "My Husband and I".
Copyright Allen Jesson 2002

OK - there it is - draft 1 - I hope you liked it, please let me know
what you think...
Best regards,  Allen

Deborah replied...

Hi Allen,
First of all, thank you so much.  I am very happy I came across your
website, since I think your poem will make a beautiful gift to my
husband to be.  Your are a very talented writer.  When I wrote to you
last week I was completely unsure as to exactly what type of poem I
wanted and when I would read it to my guests.  The whole idea was very
new in my mind and I was really unsure what exactly I wanted.  Since
then I have decided that the poem will be read at my ceremony by my
sister, who is my maiden of honor at my wedding.  Since this will be
read right before our wedding vows, I would like the poem to be more
romantic and to focus on my love for my fiancée.  Less attention on the
details but more attention on the romance.  I think the poem you have
written would be excellent to have read at the reception but I really
want to have something to read at the ceremony.  I know in my last email
I did not really explain this and I am sorry.  For example, some of the
poems on your website that I especially liked were, "Trust in Dreams",
"Flames", and "Love Conquers All."  These two parts of the poem I really
like and along the lines of what I am looking for.
How do you describe the feeling,
of finding your very own destiny ?
Where do you begin the story,
of a love that was meant to be ?
Our love spanned the world,
we were so very far apart,
we were separated by many miles,
now we're joined together at the heart.
If you could alter the poem to be more of a love story then I think it
will turn out to be perfect.  Please feel free to email me with any
questions or call me during the day.  The charity I
would like to donate to is N.A.R.F., (408) 224-NARF.  It is an animal
adoption service in the bay area (CA).  
Thank you so much Allen.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Also, a wooden frame will be fine.

I replied with the finished article....

Heaven Sent
How do you describe the feeling
of finding your destiny ?
How do you tell the story,
of a love that was meant to be ?
Life is made up of choices,
and different paths to choose,
follow some and you win,
but follow others and you lose.
And Deborah and Gregg,
could've chosen their different ways
because they were five long years apart,
that's over eighteen hundred days !
But you can't stop true love,
you can't stop the rising sun,
and what's an ocean or two,
between people meant as one ?
It is a love that knows no bounds,
and would reach the furthest star,
a love that has conquered distance,
a love that has travelled far.
They are two very beautiful people,
and soon to be husband and wife,
they will make their memories together,
and together is a wonderful new life.
Their love spanned the world,
they were so very far apart,
they were separated by many miles,
now they're joined together at the heart.
And I'm glad that we're all here today,
to celebrate and witness this joyous event,
to witness what love is truly for,
and to follow a path that was heaven sent.

Copyright Allen Jesson 2002

 Deborah kindly replied....

 Hi Allen,

Perfect!!!  Thank you for the beautiful poem.  I have no changes since I
feel it tells the story of our romance nicely.  I am very impressed with
your service and have already been telling others about your website.  I
know I'll be wanting more poetry in the future.  I have spent a long time
looking for poems and have found some really beautiful ones but nothing that
is truly personalized.  Having a personal poem means so much more then just
any other love poem.  I know my fiancee will be so surprised and will love
the poem.  Not in his wildest dreams would he ever think if this! I really
appreciate you re-writing the first poem for me.  I hope I did not cause too
much of a headache!  I look forward to receiving the poem and hanging it up
on my wall.  

Thanks so much Allen.   


....and that makes me happy.....