A Gift that says "I'm Grateful"

Often in life we don't show our gratitude. Whether it be a simple "thank you" to a shop assistant or letting our parents know how grateful we are, we all too often let the moment pass. This chap used a truly expressive way of saying "thank you":

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Wings - A poem from a grateful son to his supportive parents

Full Name:   (requested to be withheld, but allowed story to be published)

Who do you want the poem written for?: Mom and Dad

Why do you want the poem written ?: To express my love and appreciation.  Also to show them that I am what I am today because of them.

Key Messages:          That my transformation and success to what I am today is because of them, and that they gave me the wings to fly

Memorable Moments:     I would like something about how we weren't a
spiritual family early on, then we became very spiritual because my dad
stopped drinking. I would like me being arrested when I was 17 (now 20) and them standing by me through this very painful process explained.  Also my dad recovering from alcoholism and his great influence on me.  My mother never giving up on me and always knowing my potential and keeping the family together.  Also my mother always showing concern even though others talked badly about her because she was watching over me to closely or overprotective.  Also comment on how proud I am of my mother raising four children and achieving her college education and real estate business.  I would like my goose, elk and deer hunting trips with my dad somehow in the poem because these were some of the best memories with my dad.  Even though I am away at college and I don't see them as much as we would both like, they are my inspiration to do well every day.  They gave me a great example on work ethic and morals.

Other Comments:        I hope to give them this for x-mas.  Is it possible
to have it done by then?  I would like the poem to progress from my early
childhood to now today.  I wanted to put a picture in with the poem so I
hope there is room.  

Style:                 Thank you for everything

Package Type:          Deluxe
A child is like a butterfly (or a moth),
it needs to transform before it can fly
and maybe that needs some explaining,
at least I'll give it my very best try.
You see, when I was growing up,
we weren't a spiritual family early on,
some things hadn't been mastered
and some of the right turns proved to be wrong.
And when I was arrested,
I could have known how it felt to be truly alone,
but you stood by me every step of the way,
I'm very grateful for the love that you've shown.
Dad, you've faced your dragons,
you've battled them and you've won
and I just wanted you to know,
that you have a very proud and thankful son.
And your determination has been inspirational,
you've shown what can be achieved when you grit your teeth
and the willpower you've used to beat your demons,
is to be congratulated, for at times it's been beyond belief.
Mom, you've never, ever given up on me
and have always encouraged me to thrive,
you've always believed in my potential
and you've kept the family dream alive.
And your concern for me has been consistent,
even though others were quick to criticize,
you watched over me like a protective angel
and that criticism has proved to be a pack of lies.
Because you have raised four children,
all with that same tender loving care
and you've achieved an education, started a business,
so I think that criticism was unjust and unfair.
And some of my best memories,
in fact, they're some of the best times I've ever had,
stalking, talking and walking,
hunting geese, elk and deer with my Dad.
And even now I'm away at college
and mere distance may keep us apart,
you are my inspiration to do my best every day,
you are still there inspiring my very heart.
You've both set such a fine example,
I've an excellent work ethic and morals to match
and this butterfly has found his wings,
although, I'll admit, I took a while to hatch.
 I'd just like to thank you for giving me those wings,
so look out for me  high in that dawn red sky,
just know that I'm very proud of you
and thanks for teaching me how to fly.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

"I have decided not to change anything.  It really has a great message."

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