Gold Beyond Measure - We Have Your Love

Full Name:             Veronica Rangel                                              

Who do you want the poem written for?: My Parents                               

Why do you want the poem written ?: My parent's 50th anniversary                    

Key Messages:          I would like to let them know how very proud all four of
us (their children) are of them both, in the way they raised us and educated us.
They showed us right from wrong and taught us about our Catholic Religion.  They are both still very involved with the church today and we all go to church as a "Family", on special occasions.  By all, I am talking about the four of us (their children) and their grandchildren.  I want them to know how much they are loved and how much we appreciate them being in our lives still today.  They are the greatest parents anyone could ever wish for.  Of course, as we grew up, we all thought they were the strictest parents around and I remember when I was younger, I said that I would never treat my children as my parents treated me, because I felt they were just too strict.  Well, guess what?  I find myself even using the same exact words with my own children, as my parents used with me as they were raising us.  I know we can never even come close to ever re-pay our parents for all the love and sacrifices they've made throughout the years.  But, my two brothers and my sister as well as myself, would love to give my parents something telling them or making them feel that we did notice and we still notice all the love they have for us even today.  They give so much of themselves not only to us but to others around them as well.

Memorable Moments:     Both our parents worked as we were growing up.  They are both retired now.  But even though they were at work, they still made time to
play with us and talk to us.  My Dad would come home from work at times and my
Mom would be waiting for him with her arms open wide ready to give him a kiss and a hug when he'd walk in the door.  We never saw them argue or fight with each other.  If they did, I guess they did it privately in their room.  They never
have shown any disrespect toward each other in front of us or anyone for that
matter.  They are  true parent roll models from where we stand.  As we look back
in time, we never had very much money, but we always had food to eat and a roof over our heads and clothes to wear.  We were even taken to a drive in movie once in a while.  They always supported us in whatever even or activity or
organization we got ourselves involved in.  They never left us alone.  My Mom was
like a Lion, when it came down to taking out her claws to come to her children's
defense when needed.  We were not spoiled.  On the contrary, they were sure to
teach us how to work to earn money.  They even took us to a cotton field to let
us try to pick cotton one time so we could see what it felt like.  Of course,
that was to show us and let us know that an education is very important and that
we needed to study hard and be the best we could be so that we wouldn't ever have to work out in the fields.  

Other Comments:        Just get the message across to them as to how much they
mean to us all and that their could never be anyone anywhere more precious  to us then them.  They are just the kind of parents that my friends would tell me they wished they had, even if they were strict with us as we grew up.  No matter what we got ourselves into, my parents never turned their backs on us.  Even after three of us got married and moved out, my parents still make sure we are all o.k. and look out for our well being.  Now that is what I call devotion to the family as well as for each other.

Style:                 touching................a little of happy stuff and a
whole lot of simple down to earth true closeness 

Package Type:          Unique 
Gold Beyond Measure

Today is July 26, 2003,

the day of your 50th anniversary celebration,

we, your children, would like to honor you both,

with this deep heartfelt token of our appreciation.


With your love, you created us,

and we'd like to say thanks from the four,

Yolanda, Veronica, Ramiro Jr. and Jerry,

we will all love you for evermore.


But before we get to the last verse,

we guess we should begin at the very start,

and share a few thoughts with you,

and share a few words from the heart.


We, your daughters, are sadly, divorced,

we weren’t as fortunate to find a great man as you, Mom,

but nevertheless, we’re proud of who we are,

we’re still proud of who we’ve become.


Because we’ve had such great inspiration,

your love has been like a beacon of light,

your love for each other is unending,

and your love for us has kept on shining bright.


We, your two sons, proudly carry the Perez name,

and yes, we can see things differently as we've grown,

you've passed onto us your very best qualities,

that we can now share with families of our own.


You’ve always assured us of your love,

and we’ve always known that we’re never alone,

we’re so grateful for all your wonderful kindness,

and for all the love that you’ve shown.


We hope and pray we can instil in our children,

the values and ethics that you in us have done,

and show them all the faith, love, respect and strength,

and just like you, be to our children, their morning sun.


You, Mom and Dad, have always shown your love for us,

and taught us to greet each other by hugging and kissing,

you’ve taught us about morals, scruples and values,

with all this put together, there is really nothing missing.


We were all brought up with the Catholic faith,

and you're both still involved with the church, even now,

you've taught us the meaning of faith, hope and love,

the why's, the what’s, the who’s and the how?


You are both 74 years young,

still of sound mind, body and limb,

and we have a lot of faith you’ll go on forever,

because you've put all your faith in Him.


Mom and Dad,

we know you simply loved to dance,
we could always see it in your eyes,

that joy and romance.

We, the four of us,

would watch you glide across the floor,
and we remember you Mom,  telling Dad,

" C'mon Hun, One More!"

You  both still have your good sense of humor
and you certainly don't look all your age,
you are still very mobile, like you're never home
sometimes to find you, we have to send out a page

We, the 4 children (and the 6 grandchildren)

know just how much your love is really worth,

we have "gold beyond measure', we have your love,

and that is the greatest treasure on this earth.


You are the most awesome, loving, caring parents

and as grandparents, simply put, you are the best,

if life ever was to be an examination,

with flying colours, you’ve very much passed the test.


We could never repay what it would take,

because there is an enormous debt that is due,

so hopefully our sincere thanks will be enough,

a very big "thank you" go out to the both of you.


You are great role models for the world,

you’ve shown us all how to be husband and wife,

you’ve taught us so many valuable lessons,

especially how to keep love in your life.


We don’t get to choose our parents

and parents can’t choose how their children turn out,

we really believe we got the best end of the deal,

because you’ve shown us four what love is all about.


And there’s one last thing we’d like to say,

before these lines come to their respective ends,

you’ve been much more than just parents,

you’ve been like our lifelong best friends.


We love you with all our hearts (and then some)

we hope that one day we can be who you are,

because you’ve shown us how to travel the distance,

and that could be further than the furthest star.


So we’d just like to wish you a happy 50th Anniversary,

that’s really what these words are for,

here’s to you Mom, here’s to you Dad, you're golden,

and here’s to at least another fifty more.   


With all our love, Yolanda, Veronica, Ramiro Jr. and Jerry

 Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003

Hello Allen,

I'm just writing you a few lines letting you know that the poem was one of the main highlights of the event.  My Parents loved it!!  They got very emotional as they listened to us read it to them.  We (my brothers, sister and I ) read some of it together and took turns reading the different verses as they applied to us.  Once again, Thank You for the Wonderful Job you did and for the Happiness You Brought to My Parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!


Veronica Rangel