God's Call - Still fondly remembered after 25 years

Full Name:             Bonnie  Andrews                                             

Who do you want the poem written for?: remembering our mom, and wife                               

Why do you want the poem written ?: The 25 the anniversary of her death is this Feb.            

Key Messages:          We are a very close family.  She was a wonderful person and we miss her so very much.

Memorable Moments:     She spent so much of her adult life sick in bed.  In the year 1970 she had open heart surgery, and she enjoyed life so much after that, until she died from further complications of heart disease in 1978.  Going grocery shopping or to Ames department store was a thrill!
Over the years she suffered much, and seemed at peace when her time came.  She was tired of the fight.

Other Comments:        She now has 7 grandchildren in all. (She had only 3 when she passed away).  You even have a beautiful, grown granddaughter named Catherine Cecilia, after you.  Also you now have 1 great granddaughter.  How we wish they all could have known, the kind loving Gramma you were.   We had 2 weddings this summer, how we wish you could have been there.  April (granddaughter), and Franny (grandson).  We are all still very close, and are getting together this year not to celebrate the anniversary of your death, but your life, and how very lucky to have you as a wife and mother.  We'll probably put on some of your favorite Johnny Cash records, and I imagine shed some tears.  We love you and miss you so much.  You will always be our special angel!

Style:           Remembrance                                                                                          

Last thoughts:      I think you probably understand how much she was loved.  Any of your ideas would be appreciated.  Would it be possible to have this in a week? (Yes)
Thank- you so much, Bonnie Andrews

God's Call
You were such a small person,
but you had this magnificent big heart
and you made such an impact on our lives,
now to describe it - where do we start?
Hello, my wonderful Mom,
I know you can hear these words (somewhere),
and I'm really quite pleased about that,
because we have a few important lines to share.
I hope you're happy in your new place,
and I trust you're enjoying the simple life there too,
just know that you're always in our thoughts,
and of course, we still, very much, love you.
Sometimes it's so hard to believe,
because 25 years has flown by so fast,
but our love for you was a strong one,
and it was a love that was always going to last.
We do miss you so very much,
and on days, it's still hard being apart,
but your spirit lives on within us all,
and you're always there, right there, in our heart.
And you'll be pleased to know that your branches have spread,
but you probably already know that, there in heaven,
but not only do you have a granddaughter named Catherine Cecilia,
you have many more grandchildren, in fact, there's seven.
And your wonderful genes are being passed down,
and your great granddaughter carries them with pride,
and she, like you always were,
is beautiful on the in and the outside.
And life is too short for regrets,
but we wish it was you in person that they've known,
because like us, they would have all benefited,
from all the boundless love that you've shown.
We had two weddings this summer,
I imagined you there, I imagined your smile,
I imagined the proud look on your face,
as your grandchildren walked down that aisle.
Because we are still a very close family,
and that's why we're gathered here to celebrate,
we're celebrating your life, not your death,
and yes, there's one other thing we'd like to state.
You spent a lot of your adulthood in bed,
so at times, I think your life was a difficult plight,
over the years you suffered so much,
so in the end you seemed at peace, you'd had enough of the fight.
We've all been truly blessed by your love,
and we're proud of our angel in the skies,
and we'll listen out for you playing your Johnny Cash records
and if we hear you - it'll come as no surprise.
Because, Mom, you truly are alive and well,
and your spirit and fortitude lives within us all,
and we know you had to go when you did,
because every angel needs to answer God's call.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003

"The poem is perfect!  I wouldn't change a thing.  I am going to try and read this at our family get together this Sunday, (if I can get through it without crying) and then put it in the local newspaper the following week. It is a surprise for everyone (except my daughter).  Thank-you so much.  You don't know how much this means to us.  I'll let you know there reaction next week.  I'm sure I'll be back for more poems.  Thanks again.

Bonnie Andrews

P.S.  Please feel free to use it on your web site"