Dear Allen:

I am very impressed with your creativity and work. I would be very honoured if you would write a poem for my parents who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. I am trying to make the event as magical as possible and I believe your poem would be the crowning touch. Specifically, I plan on making a quilt and having the poem embroidered on one of the panels. 

Glad In

When we got married,
we couldn't afford a fancy do,
some friends, a Hutchinson study,
I remember the time, it was two.

We went to Granddad's house,
some things just seem right;
fried chicken and chocolate cake,
and being "shivareed" all night !

Life in those early days,
was one long hard battle,
farming a subsistence,
on a promise of some cattle.

Then we moved again,
another town, another street,
struggling to make a living,
struggling to make ends meet.

But as time went on,
life became what it is,
four beautiful children,
a home and married bliss.

And fifty years on,
a tear comes to my eye,
thinking of all those times,
thinking my past passed me by.

But I see a glorious future,
and I want to shout it out aloud,
there it is for all to see,
in my children standing proud.

Because they have learnt,
the difference between right and wrong,
they will sing their own tunes,
but still have time for the family song.

And if there is one lesson,
to remember through thick and thin,
it's that we all have the same world,
to get happy and glad in.
Dear Allen:

Thank you for the poem I requested for my parent's 50th anniversary celebration! You have really captured the essence of my parent's relationship. I am really looking forward to presenting the poem to them. I know that it will make the evening extra special. You may publish the poem but please do not publish the history that I sent to you so that you could create the poem.
Kristi Francis

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