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What is your name : Yolande

Who do you want the poem written for: Joseph Campbell

Why do you want the poem written: I'm from South-Africa and have been working in the US for the past 11 months as a nanny for Joseph (1 year old).
I've been taking care of him and living with the family since he was 3 weeks old, but it's sadly almost time for me to leave again.
I want to give him a poem before I leave so he can keep it and read one day how much I love him and know it's because of him that i had the best year of my life.
What are the key messages you would like to send

: - Because of his birth I made new best friends;
- I got to travel around the US;
- I became more independent by being away from my family;

He is a beautiful blonde hair- blue eye baby boy and I just want him to know how much fun I had with him through the year. It's gonna be very hard to say goodbye.
I want him to know how much i'm gonna miss him and that he will always be in my heart.
I want him to know that if he ever wonders what his purpose in life is - he already changed my life just by being born...
Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share

: -He was a premmie and only weighed 4.15 pounds. He quickly cought up, because he
 became a very healthy (fat) little boy.
-I remember the only thing that calmed him back then was doing squats.
-He use to fall asleep on my chest and stay there the whole night.
-until this day he can not fall asleep without his stuffed cow.
-he got his teeth very quickly and have 8 already.
-his favourite snack has always been Cherios.
-remember the first time he started wearing his little blue shoes.
-he has always loved taking walks and being outside.
-also loves taking baths and swimming.
-today he can crawl and pull himself up.
-he loves giving hugs and kisses.
-he also enjoys reading books; playing with balls.
-he adores his puppy dog- Howard.
-his first word was ba ba but now he can say ma ma.

He was my new years date in Las Vegas; and my date on valentines day.
Do you have any other comments or thoughts

: His been an extremely good baby. His always happy and hardly ever cries.

He is very lucky to have such great parents as well. They've been the best host parents ever!

Thank you and can't wait to see the result!


A Conversation in 2044
Joseph, as you're reading this,
I imagine the year is around 2044,
and I just wanted to tell you a few things,
as you made an impression that'll last for evermore.
You see, I'm from South Africa,
and recently I've been working in the U S A,
and for the last 11 months I've been your nanny,
but sadly, it's now time for me to go away.
And my departure brings me great sorrow,
because you've a special place in my heart,
and I wanted to tell you of my love for you,
but in truth, I just didn't know where to start.
It's because of you that I had the best year of my life,
I've been looking after you since you were just 3 weeks old,
and I can now imagine your glorious future,
and your future stories, as yet unwritten and untold.
Because of your birth I made new best friends,
I got to travel all around the United States,
I became more independent by leaving my family,
I started to steer my ship with the winds of fates.
You have such beautiful blonde hair,
and you have such magnificent baby blue eyes,
and I think you'll be a ladies man,
and this will come as no real surprise.
Because you've certainly bowled this lady over.
Gee! We've had so much fun together,
you've given me memories that'll last a lifetime,
beyond that, they're ones that'll last forever and ever.
It's gonna be very hard to say goodbye,
and I'm going to miss you with my very soul,
and if you're getting to wondering about your purpose,
well, let me tell you, you've already played  a significant role.
Because you changed my life just by being born,
and don't forget, you arrived early on this planet Earth,
so you've already made your presence felt,
I know exactly what one life can be worth.
I used to calm you down by doing squats,
you'd fall asleep on my chest and stay there all night,
even today, you can't fall asleep without your stuffed cow,
instinctively, together, you know things will be alright.
You got your teeth very quickly,
and your favorite snack has always been Cheerios,
I remember your little blue shoes, your puppy dog Howard,
and I know which are your favorite clothes.
Actually, you like taking baths and swimming,
so you're happiest when you've no clothes on,
you so love giving your hugs and kisses,
you've so much love and it has always brightly shone.
You were my New Year's date in Las Vegas,
and yes, you were also my Valentine,
you were an extremely good baby,
so thanks for sharing your time with mine.
And you're lucky to have such great parents,
they've been the best host parents anyone's ever had,
and I know you'll be very happy,
because truly, you have a wonderful Mom, a caring Dad.
And I can't imagine what 2044 looks like,
but I know you'll still be there, in my mind,
because I know I was lucky to have met you,
Joseph, a treasure like you is rare and so very hard to find.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004




The poem is perfect, thank you very much!!

You're welcome to publish my poem and don't have to change any names.

I would please like a gold card with the following personal message:  You've left a permanent mark in my heart Joseph, will love you forever.

For my background I'm gonna go with the beach at sunset.

I would like for the poem to be autographed and please include the original draft.

Thank you once again, I know they are all gonna love it.

Take care,


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