Future Person - I am going to change...

Full Name:             Jason Corlette                                              

Who do you want the poem written for?: Lisa Morton                                                 

Why do you want the poem written ?: we were together for almost 3yrs! i hid things from her so she thinks she cant trust me anymore! i can tell she still loves me and i love her deeply! 

Key­Messages:          i will be a better person, ive learned from my mistakes, i love her so much, we shared so much, we were engaged, she changed my way of thinking, she made me who i am today, i messed up but im so sorry, etc.......

Memorable Moments:     i called her mrs pickles and she called me mr jay           

Style:                 romantic, sweet and funny!!!1                               

Package Type:          Unique                    


Future Person


Mistakes, sometimes they come easy

and making amends is a different story,

there's no path to a magnificent victory,

there's no fanfares, no one to crown your glory.


Because when you’re wrong, you’re wrong,

it’s black and white, no shades of grey

and how I rue hiding things from you,

my! How I rue that fateful day.


Because, like elastic, your trust was broken

and it will never be quite the same again,

but nevertheless, I’m praying for a stitch,

a stitch in time, sometime when.


We’ve been together for almost three years

and I can see you still love me so

and I know that I too, love you deeply,

oh yes, there’s one other thing that you should know.


I will be a better person in the future

and that future person you don’t know too well,

so I’m going to share some of his qualities,

yes, this is going to be quite a story to tell.


You see, that person has learned from his mistakes

and knows that he is who he is because of you

and he knows that he’s going to prove his love

and he will do whatever he has to do.


Because I do love you so very much,

you’ve changed the way I feel, think and act

and I will love you forever and ever,

plain and simple, a matter of fact.


Because the future person knows how life,

if you let it, can end up in a mess

and how much a stupid mistake can cost,

actually, it can cost your life, more or less.


So, Mrs. Pickles, Mr. Jay says sorry

and please forgive the sins of his past,

because the future person is here today

and he wants a relationship that will last and last.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
 hey, that is really great! i think she will love it!  for the background i would like the "deep ocean" it had the dolphins and whales! for the key verse i like the opening lines! i think i get a box or something with it so i choose the "white" and my message...........................

My dearest Lisa,

Im always trying to express my feelings to you when we are apart and I know its time i learn to express more when we are together! I also try to understand your needs more in desperate situation and that has to change also! I want to be the best boyfriend/fiance in the world and I dont wanna do it for anyone but you! I love you! J...............................

i think this is all the info you needed! if i gave too much or not enough please let me know! im looking forward to giving her this gift! thanks Jay Corlette.......................................


A success story! I received this a few weeks later:

dear sir,

my girlfriend really liked the poem! it actually helped us get back together! sometimes it takes something special like this to make a woman feel appreciated! thank you again.

jason corlette