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Option: Skip request and go straight to this poem about friendship and love
Received the following request at 03/27/01 08:33:30 AM:

Q1: What is your Name?
A1: Katie 

Q2: What is your Email Address?
A2: jesse@hellosunshine.co.uk

Q3: Who do you want the poem written for ?
A3: My two mates Michelle and Lisa.

Q4: Why do you want the poem written ?
A4: Well Allen they are gay and are unfortunately going through a tough time at the moment. Shel is going to university in September and Lisa is scared that they will grow apart. Consequently she is becoming possesive and without realising is pushing Shel away. Being their friend is hard because I want to fix it for them and when they are together you forget about the lesbian thing because thay are so happy and comfortable together. It actually makes me quite envious that they have this love. I want them to put their feelings into perspective and make a decision. They either put up with the bad days (that everyone is entitled to have) because the good days are worth waiting for. Or be brave and split and be on their own for a while. 

Q5: What are the key messages you would like the poem to send ?
A5: They have been best friends for three years and 'together' for one! They have spoken to each other every day for the past three years. They are the bestest of friends and to be just friends will be a struggle. They love each other so much anyway and the fact that this is the one element that is pushing them apart is heartbreaking.
They each have their own friends and I am one of the few who consider them both as two of my closest friends and visa versa. As in every relationship jealousy is a problem and they sometimes they just stay in to avoid their gay circle of friends. But it is a vicious circle as then they are frustrated because everyone is out and having a good time and they end up having the argument anyway! So they just may as well have gone out.

Q6: Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share ?
A6: I cant really think of anything specific. Before christmas Lisa had a car accident in her little metro called 'Winston'. Shel couldnt have handled it any better then she did. She was there for Lisa in every way and even now when she gets nervous, She has so much patience for her. It wasnt a bad accident, some black ice but it did put things into persective. Now Lisa has a new car, a little white fiesta called 'Tulula' in which she sings a lot because it doesnt have a radio. But no one complains as she has a beautiful voice and I could listen to her for ages. But no confidence in herself, Shel on the other hand has a great sense of humour and is very much a people person. Where Lisa feels more comfortable if its just the three or four of us. Because she gets intimidated and cant act like herself. They need to come to a compromise as even though they say they understand each others feelings, deep down they wish the other one could be different and the frustration ends up in arguments and they are getting more frequent.

Q7: Do you have any other comments or thoughts ?
A7: They call each other umm, I dont know: honey, baby etc. All the normal things. Hugging is very important to both of them as it reassures them both that they will be there for each other.

Q8: What style of poem would you prefer ? (Happy, sad, romantic etc.)
A8: Reflective poem, compassionate and sensitive to their feelings and decisions they ultimately going have to take.

Q9: Which charity would you like your donation made to ?
A9: I'll make a donation to Great Ormond Street over here.

There lies within us all,
an envious monster (coloured green),
it feeds off insecurity and jealousy,
and all of the emotions in between.
And soon Shel will be going to Uni,
many miles will keep you apart,
but mere distance won't be able to silence,
the feelings and poundings of the heart.
Life wasn't meant to be perfect,
it's never ever a simple walk in the park,
people get scared of being lonely,
people hear noises alone in the dark.
I am really quite envious,
that you two have this love together,
you just need to learn to ride the storm,
even in the stormiest of weather.
Or alternatively, (go on and be brave),
and go and split for a while.
Why not see if life is so wonderful,
when you don't see each other smile ?
Everyone knows that you two belong together,
everyone knows that you truly are a team,
and together you can dream of a beautiful world,
but the hard part is starting the dream.
And possession is a dangerous beast,
it can lead to a very ugly fight,
any friendship can only stretch so far
and elastic will snap when pulled too tight.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001

Sorry I took a while to reply but I haven't been able to get to a computer until today! I don't know if you've ever been happy with one of your poems on the first draft, but you should be chuffed with this one! I definitely am and I honestly cant think of a line that isn't spot on or needs to be altered. You are a star and I really appreciate the time you spent to do this for me. The cheque is on its way to Gt Ormond Street and if you're thinking about putting it on your web page, Id be honoured if you did.

Thanks again.
                                    Love Katie. xx






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