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A gift. A gift of poetry. The perfect gift for any anniversary,wedding or birthday. A Gift of Poetry, for "once-in-a-lifetime". Please click here to order.

A Gift of Poetry. The unique gift for every occasion

Your words, your thoughts and feelings.               Captured within a gift, A Gift of Poetry.             Presented in a uniquely designed, boxed, hand-made card, with your verse of choice as a key emotional focal point.        Truly, a 'once-in-a-lifetime' gift, a gift that inspires the heart and touches the soul.

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Hi, my name is Daisy Smith (names have been changed). I'm 18 years old and I live in Massachusetts. I would like for you to write a poem for one of my best and dearest friends,
Fred Jones.  I would like to give Fred this poem for Christmas. I guess
I would like the poem to display my care for him, my fondness of our
friendship, and my promise to always be there for him. Ya see, Fred is 19
years old... we went to high school together for four years in a private
school in Boston. We really didn't know each other until
the last semester of our senior year. We were seated next to each other in a
required Field Biology class. We really didn't know each other. I thought he
was this "cool as shit" guy and he barely knew my name.  I'm not sure how
exactly we became friends... but I know it began with joking around with each
other. We used to have "pen attacks" in class. He'd write on me and then I'd
write on him to get him back. We turned out to be quite the duo with getting
in trouble all of the time.
    Then one day our class got into a debate about social security checks and
I mentioned how I was "for" them because they were a major source of income
for me at the time. He turned and looked at me and asked "you get social
security checks??  I do too." The conversation ended there but later that
night he saw me online and im'ed me.  He asked bluntly "how my father died."
Ya see, my father passed away very suddenly when I was 14 years old and after
the mention of social security checks in class, he had asked a mutual friend
of ours about my father. To make a long story short, I found out that his
father died when he was in 8th grade also very suddenly. We had an amazing
heart to heart talk which began our more serious relationship. We were no
longer just buddies in class. We were friends. 
    As the year ended we became closer and closer (completely platonic
though.) We had gained a trust for one another... telling each other what's
bothering us.  Fred had a scheduled move to Connecticut in June, right
after graduation. He was a little apprehensive as the time grew nearer but I
encouraged him, he says.  My big line was "follow your dreams."  Two nights
before Fred moved, I threw him a going away party and invited all of his
friends. For his present I gave him an engraved lighter that said "follow
your dreams.  love always, Daisy." We also both smoke. I smoke Marlboro
Mediums... he smokes Marlboro lights. (you said be specific right? lol)
    Anyway... We said we'd keep in touch but i wasn't sure. You never know,
right? Anyway, after only one night after he moved he called me. We talked 3
times that day and he invited me over the following weekend. A friend and I
took the bus down to CT and had an amazing time. Since then I've been there
several times and we talk constantly on the phone. We tell each other
everything and our friendship has grown even stronger since his move, even
though i miss him.
    One funny story was when we went apple picking and instead of helping him
pick apples I just kept taking pictures for my photography class.
    Another story was when i was in CT visiting, he had to pick out a b-day
present for his mother and we spent like 5 hours in Macy's looking at
Waterford crystal glasses. He looked at every one like 5,000 times and he
drove the sales lady crazy!
    For his birthday this year i gave him tickets to see "Rent" in NYC. We
had a great time but we were an hour late because President Clinton decided
to visit Harlem that day and we got stuck in a TON of traffic.  He tells me
that I always give him gifts with meaning and i guess that's why i wanted to
do this poem thing.  I mean... once he was having an extra tough week in CT
and he spent like an hour on the phone with me complaining about toilet paper
and paper towels and how they he and his room mates were almost out of them. 
So that day I Fed-exed toilet paper and paper towels.  We just have that type
of relationship. We look out for each other... keep each other balanced.
    To explain Fred more... he's really anal, snobby, materialistic... but
he has a huge heart. I dont exactly want you to insult him in the poem... im
just informing you of his character. :) He and i are complete opposites...
and i guess that may be the reason why we get along so well.
Other details: he used to drive a '94 white Mitsubishi Galant. He just bought
a standard black honda accord. He drives REALLY fast. Sunday is when he sits
down and pays bills. He has 3 room mates. Joe, Syd, and Dave who lives in the
attic. hahaha His room mates are really great too.
    I don't know what else to say other than not to mention our fathers'
passing directly in the poem... i mentioned it to you to give you a better
understanding. Basically I want a kind, warm, not lovey-dovey poem to my best
friend who i care about a lot and would go to the ends of the earth for. And
i miss him. If you need any more information then please just ask direct
questions and I'll answer them better. Thanks so much.
**..` Daisy `..**

Ends Of The Earth

I thought you were "Mr. Cool,"
And you barely knew my name,
Then we began joking around,
"Pen attacks" can be a messy game!

You'd, of course, write on me,
Then I'd scribble on you, back.
That was the start of our trail,
The beginning of our friendship track.

Then there was the debate,
I voted in favor of social checks,
Because I know how the sea can get,
And how storms can make shipwrecks.

And that very night you asked me,
So I decided to confide,
Ronnie, I told you EVERYTHING,
including how I cried and cried.

And we had something in common,
Two separate lives, the one dreadful curse,
That day is always hard to take,
But when you're young it's even worse.

And that's when our hearts met,
We went from buddies to being friends,
And that's where some stories begin,
And that's where another one ends.

And we found that special place,
A bond and trust found by so few,
We could tell each other most everything,
Then the other would advise what to do.

You worried about the Connecticut move,
But I gave light and said "follow your dreams",
But distance can break any friendship,
And it has destroyed some wonderful teams.

And we said that we'd keep in touch,
I must admit that I wasn't that sure,
But after only one night apart,
We found out what the ends of earth are for.

And we still look out for each other,
Even though we're opposite poles,
We're joined together at the heart,
And joined together by the souls.

We've had such good times together,
It really has been time well spent,
And there's not many people who can say,
That Bill made them miss their "Rent!"

And I'll always be there for you,
Through any sad or troubled times,
I'll even Fed Ex your toilet paper,
And attempt some desperate rhymes!

You are one of my very best friends,
And for you I would go to the ends of that earth,
Because I miss you so very much,
And I know what a good friend is worth.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000 

"Hi, Allen. Thanks so much for your poem. It really is great and I think you
captured what I feel for my good friend. Thanks so much!!!"
**..` Daisy `..**






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