Julie wrote: 
Dear Allen, I have just discovered you today!!! My colleague contacted
you to write a poem for Pattie at work (Pattie's Poem). This is very short
notice but is it possible to get something together for this Saturday 3rd
October? My name is Julie, I am 37 years old and have 2 children. My younger sister (Carol) is 30 years old and she has two children. Our parents Norman and Lillian are celebrating their Ruby anniversary on 4th October.
They are very happy, dad plays a lot of golf so we call mum the 'golfing
widow'! He also spends as much time as possible in his beautiful garden.
He retired 6 yrs ago after having his own business (painting and
decorating). They have lots of friends, and tend to have plenty holidays
abroad - usually 2-3 per year. Mum collects skirts! she must have at
least 70 in her wardrobe, so Carol and I tend to take the mick out of
They do lots for us, we are a very close family although not in the way
that we are always hugging each other. Mum and dad always put their
family first. They have a good life together, although dad was seriously ill 6 yrs ago he has made a full recovery now. He is very unselfish and will do anything for anyone.
Hope you can help me!! don't worry if I've left it too late!!
Can't believe it's been so long,
can't believe it's been forty years.
You've had so many happy times,
interrupted by a couple of tears.
Dad, you scared us all,
when you were taken ill.
Gee, you would have left a gap,
would have been impossible to fill.
Obviously, we're glad you made it,
and are living life to the full.
No one could call your life boring,
no one could ever say it is dull.
You seem so happy now,
now that we're fully grown.
Dad goes off with his golfing,
Mum gets left on her own.
And you spend time in your garden,
painting with your flowers,
decorating our part of the world,
creating something that is ours.
You have so many friends,
and love your holidays abroad.
You've been to so many places,
that most people could never afford.
And we're counting the skirts,
there must be seventy at least,
all neatly hanging,
all pressed and never a crease.
So thanks for having us,
now we know what love is for.
Thanks for our years together,
and here's to Forty More.
Copyright Allen Jesson 1998
Julie kindly replied:
Allen, thanks so much, the poem is brilliant!!! I don't mind in the least you publishing the poem on your internet site.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants something 'special'. Thanks again for doing this at such short notice, it is much appreciated.
Julie Richardson


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