I am pleased to report that I currently achieve a satisfaction rating in excess of 95%. (Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back). Just click on the underlined link to go directly to the poem. Permission is always sought to publish, names and details have been withheld where requested). 



October 2004


Stable Mates - In the fields together

"I will recommend you all highly to all my friends and family."


Dad - My very first words


"It really expresses the sentiment and feelings I wanted...."




September 2004


The True One - A tale of truth and love


"Ok, on the condition that you use first names only..."


One, Once Again - I want to be


 "I hope this will help me and others get their true love back."

Miracle On Earth - Against All Odds


"When I read your poem tears were running down."


Ubuntu - Time to change the village


"This is great, I really like it!"





August 2004


Wiggy and Wigster - First Anniversary Gift


"Hi Allen, Wow! what a beautiful job!...You truly have a gift!.."


So Is Mine - Happily holding hands


"Thanks for the first draft; it is really outstanding."

My Saintly Doctor - Thank you doctor, you're a saint

"It's everything that I wanted to say but was unable to put into words."


July 2004

Pearls Of Wisdom - Our Gift To You

"I am wiping away my tears so I can write back to you."

Out Of The Blue - A dream to believe

"Well what can I say????? The poem is beautiful, everything I expected."

My World - My Light

"I would like to personally thank you for such a beautiful interpretation

of my thoughts and words, you are very gifted."

A Story To Be Told - At the end of the day

"Dad's poem was perfect and the centerpiece of the whole celebration and we cannot thank you enough. He would have loved it."


June 2004

Babyone - More Wressels to come

"The poem is something that we will both treasure for the rest of our lives"

Mr. and Mrs. Wressel

June 12, 2004

A Conversation in 2044 - For when you're older...

"The poem is perfect, thank you very much!!"

That Wondrous, Magical Day - When we first met

"This entire experience (working with you) has been an extremely exciting

and pleasurable event for me."

By My Side - Through Thick and Thin

"I can't believe that you were able to express in one poem what I have been trying to express for the last four years."


May 2004

Dancing Hearts - Happy 10th Anniversary

"Your words reflect exactly how I feel about this wonderful man."

The Greatest Gift - Of All

"...the poem was a smashing success. Everybody loved it.

It was very moving and people almost cried."



April 2004

Like A Movie - The leading lady is just beautiful

"I think she will be stunned to know someone wrote a poem about our story."

Bucky’s Light - Shine on son

"Hey Allen! It is wonderful!! I love it...and I know Michael will too. There isn't anything I want to change. It is perfect. You did such a wonderful job!"


March 2004

Future Person - I am going to change...

"Sometimes it takes something special like this to make

a woman feel appreciated!"

One Big, Unstoppable Spirit - To His Own Drum

"I have to tell you that you allowed me to cry for my brother for the first time and I thank you for that."




February 2004


Strands - Three can't be broken


"Allen, you have written the words my heart wanted to say but didn't know how.  You are truly gifted."


The Very World - To the Graduating Class of 2004


"You have just made my life a whole lot easier."


January 2004


August Moon - Wedding vows to make you feel hungry


"Oh my goodness this poem is awesome! I love it! You did such a nice job! Needless to say I'm very impressed."


No Words - There are no words to express how I feel


 "My husband received his poem today and absolutely loved it.

The card is beautiful. He hated to untie it."


December 2003

A Few Words From Margie - On her son's wedding day

"Of course when I first read it I started crying."

Two Dollar Bills - A tale of love for Christmas

"I sit here wiping my tears away..."


November 2003

Our "Baby" Sister - Engaging Words Of Love

"Yesterday I read the poem aloud at the engagement/thanksgiving dinner party there were about 40 people there and I am not joking everyone everyone even men had a tear in their eyes."

A Soldier's Fortune - The Reality Of Baghdad

"I am not and never have been angry at him being in the military."


October 2003

Thanks For The Love - The changing tides of love

"This poem is perfect I would not want to change a single word!!!! You did an outstanding job, thank you for taking the time with it."


September 2003

Towards Our Destiny - And they haven't even met...

"I can't find words to appreciate your talent and the way you express things.  I am, in short overwhelmed." 


August 2003

The Missing Link - A moving story about a father, a daughter and love

"Wow!!!!! I love it!!!! Thanks. Please go ahead with printing I would like it autographed and the original please!!! You do a wonderful job."


July 2003

End Of Time - Wedding day words of everlasting love

"He was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't believe how much the poem really captured our relationship! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"


June 2003

The Steely Dan Plan - Dance plans for the new father

It is unbelievable. I love it!! And I thank you for making it happen... It is the best gift I think I will ever give him...


May 2003

My Other Shoe - A Love Story

"Thank you for making this Memorial Day special for me.  What a perfect gift you have given us."

Work Of Art - At times God excels

"Once again, thank you. I could have sat for five years and not come up with anything near as good as this. And I know for sure Peter would love it."


April 2003

The Visionary - Some people can see, others have vision

"I have showed this poem to a lot of my clients to get their opinion and they ALL love it."


March 2003

Oh, How The Years Go By - From Mom to her Step-daughter

"Allen, All I can say right now is WOW what a poem!!  There won't be a dry eye at the rehearsal dinner!  Yes, I definitely want to upgrade.... it's just too good not to have it signed! Thank you! Florence"


February 2003

God's Call - Still fondly remembered after 25 years

"The poem is perfect!  I wouldn't change a thing.  I am going to try and read this at our family get together this Sunday, (if I can get through it without crying) and then put it in the local newspaper the following week. It is a surprise for everyone (except my daughter).  Thank-you so much.  You don't know how much this means to us.  I'll let you know there reaction next week.  I'm sure I'll be back for more poems.  Thanks again. Bonnie Andrews

P.S.  Please feel free to use it on your web site"



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