My name is (withheld) and I am marrying the most wonderful man in the world on the 8th of December this year. I would like to recite a poem to him during the wedding ceremony, in front of our families. We have been together for four years, and he proposed on Xmas day by wrapping up the ring in a big box (so I wouldn't know what it was!) and putting it as a present under the tree! He is my first boyfriend, I am 22 and he is 32. He plays the double bass and is a social worker, and I am studying, doing my Phd in Neuropsychology. He has come to love animals thru me, we have a cat named Ziggy who he loves dearly. When I am down he cheers me up , by getting flowers delivered or bringing home chocolate. We don't have much money, but always have fun together, staying home listening to records (funk or disco) or watching videos. My dad is a bit of a fuddy duddy but (withheld) has won him over. When my parents come over (withheld) and Dad listen to country music together or talk about old western films, Johnny Cash etc. He often teases me about how on our first date I told him every pet I had ever owned, going thru their names and what kind of eg rabbit they were etc. He LOVES his cups of tea, have to be made from tea leaves, not tea bags, and he loves driving his 1965 Peuguot. But most of all, he is the most generous and compassionate man I have ever met. He is a social worker, and has taught me to think of others. He has supported me thru all of my study, helped me get into my Phd, driving me to interviews etc. We both love 1960's and 70's everything, our house is all orange inside and bright colours. He used to play in rock bands, and on my birthday once, he devoted a song to me, and all the girls in the crowd got jealous! I wanted to say something about, relating to in good times and bad, he likes to listen to classical music and Gilbert and Sullivan, which I hate, and I thought that might be a good 'bad time' to put in. Also, his beloved car's name is 'Penny' and he just got a new Peuguot named 'Pablo'. Our nicknames for each other are : 'bubs' , and 'bubby', (we call each other bubs)
Hope this isn't too much information, but the most important information is that he is the most sensitive, gentle, caring and non-judgemental man I have known, and I love him very much. However, i don't want the poem to be too sweet and sappy, more really personal, it doesn't even have to rhyme too much.
Re a charity: RSPCA or an animal welfare society.
I would like the standard package please.
The style of poem I guess I'd like is humorous but romantic too. Suitable to say at a wedding.
P.S. Loved the poems on your site, especially the 'sex' one. Let me know if you need any extra info
P.P.S. Sorry I didn't put the info under the Q format, didnt see that until after I'd written the email


When I found your ring,
hidden there under the tree,
my happiness was a yes away,
a happiness that was meant to be.
We don't have a lot of money,
but we still have so much fun,
because you are my evening moonlight,
and you are my morning sun.
When I'm down you cheer me up,
you know just what to do,
you bring me flowers or chocolates,
you're so kind hearted, that's you.
And I'll love you forever,
through the good times and bad,
I'll even suffer Gilbert and Sullivan,
even though it makes me so mad !
You are the most generous and compassionate man,
that I have ever, ever met,
and married life is so wonderful,
and it hasn't even started yet !
You are gentle, caring and sensitive,
and I'm so happy to share your life,
and I feel so proud and privileged,
that you asked me to be your wife.
Because now I know what love is,
now I know what love is for,
and I will love you today and tomorrow,
and yes, I will love you for evermore.

 Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000


Thankyou so much! This is wonderful! One change I'd like to make/ add is a stanza about us sharing cups of tea together at the end of the day. When he gets home from work we always have a cup of tea together and tell each other about our day. Its my favourite time of the day. Would that be okay?


(Third verse added as follows)


Do you know my favourite time ?

(Some might say that I'm easy to please),

but I love it when we sit down and chat, 

just us and our lovely cups of teas.



Thanks Allen, this is perfect!

I will be recommending u to my friends. Feel free to publish this on the web, although without my name or (withheld) would be good

Thanks again