Eulogy Poems

A poem can be a fitting and moving way to mark the passing of a loved one and can help as part of the overall grieving process.

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(Beverley has kindly given me permission for her poem and

story to be published)


Work Of Art - At times God excels


Submitted: Wed May 14 19:44:51 EDT 2003 from

Full Name:             Beverley Jane Budd                                          

Who do you want the poem written for?: Peter Simpson                                               

Why do you want the poem written ?: My Uncle Peter has passed away and I would like to read a poem at his funeral

Key Messages:          A celebration of peters life, to reflect!!!                 

Memorable Moments:     Peter had Down Syndrome, he was 62 when he died, had a great life. He loved everyone especially the women whom he loved to cuddle. He had a special sister Betty who cared for him for the past 20 years. and mate Dennis (brother in law)
Obsessed with the no. 12, use to go to the wishing well in the garden at weekends to wish for winning the lottery.
Born and died on the 12th which he would have been proud.
Loved to Dance to Grease and Abba music around the lounge.
Had a cheeky laugh. Always telling us it was his birthday soon a week after his last birthday and we always told him its ours first which he never understood why! Banned from wearing aftershave because he would put on a whole bottle . Always telling us how he was getting married! to who he we would ask for him to reply hah hah with his cheeky laugh.

Other Comments:        He adored his sister Betty and use to tell her every weekend how he had come to help her and when he was teased in a playful way he was going to have you.
Style:                 happy                                                       

Package Type:          Unique                                                      

Last thoughts:         Peter was much loved by everyone that new him, he was special to us all.


Work Of Art
Sometimes, God is quite remarkable,
you can see his artistic talent all around,
you can see the majesty in His work,
in every being, every happening, every sound.
And at times He excels himself,
and makes a dolphin or a bird of paradise,
or He creates someone with so much love and kindness,
that you'd never meet anyone who's even half as nice.
And that's how we think of Peter,
a soul, chock full of warmth, love and spirit,
he had a wonderful outlook on life,
love it, live it, but most of all, be in it.
Peter was a little different to many,
because his heart was bigger than his chest,
and we truly believe he loved everyone,
especially the women he cuddled (he liked that the best).
Betty was obviously very special to him,
and she cared for him without a second thought,
and we know that Peter's looking down on you,
he knows that a love like yours just can't be bought.
Peter had so many wonderful friends,
and Dennis was sincerely a very good mate,
in fact, everybody made Peter's life a happy one, 
and yes, there's a few other things we'd like to state:
Peter was born and he died on the 12th,
we think he'd be proud of that fact,
as actually, he was quite obsessed with that number,
and determination was a quality he never lacked.
So every weekend you could find him,
in the garden, wishing for good luck in the lottery,
number 12, number 12, he'd stand by the wishing well,
sorry Pete, some things were not meant to be.
But boy ! He loved to dance,
Abba and Grease around the lounge room floor,
he'd literally dance your socks off,
long after you couldn't dance anymore.
He always had a cheeky laugh,
and it was always his birthday, just next week,
how we miss him, his smile, his enthusiasm,
his energy, his laughter and his cheek.
Peter was fanatical about Leeds United,
and he always knew when a match was due,
he'd get so excited when he watched them,
they were always top, those boys in yellow, white and blue.
We had to ban him from wearing aftershave,
because he'd always put a whole bottle on in one go,
and he told us he was always getting married.
Who to? Peter was the only one to ever know.
And he always said he wanted to be with his Mum and Dad,
so I guess he could only stay with us for a while,
they wanted to be with their boy once again,
they too missed Peter's laugh and his genuine smile.
So now, Peter's back in his parent's arms,
please take care of Peter, you've got a special one there,
we're just thankful for the time we've had,
we'd had many a magic moment in which to share.
And we know God was proud of His work,
and He too, didn't want to spend anymore time apart,
because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder,
and Peter was truly beautiful, His work of art.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
"Hi Allen
I would like to thank you very much for the poem for Peter. I am really pleased with the bit about Leeds. After a lot of consideration I have decided that I would like to remove the verse starting.. And he always said he wanted to be with his Mum and Dad.... Although i did not dislike it and you had done what i had requested I thought may be it was a little heavy. This does tell me that the last verse which i like (a lot) perhaps is a little wrong now. But if you don't think this is the case I will be more than happy to leave it as it is. (We left it as it was. Ed)
Once again Thank you I could have sat for five years and not come up with anything near as good as this. And I know for sure Peter would love it.
Regards, Beverley"

And a few days later:

Hi Allen
As far as funerals can go Peter would have loved his and I could only but feel him there with us. Listening to the Abba and Grease music we had instead of hymns followed by the Poem. Hearing his cheeky laugh as each verse ended. My parents were overwhelmed with it, everyone loved it and a lot of people requested copies of it. I know I have thanked you many times but we wanted to give Peter a really good send off to reflect the person he was and you helped us do that.
I will scan the picture and send it to you asap.
Best regards, Beverley


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