The Drink - A poem about drink and drinking alcohol, a powerful drug.

I received an e-mail in April 2001 from a 17 year old alcoholic who chastised me for not taking the problem of "The Drink" too seriously. She was right and basically inspired this poem. I had also received an e-mail the previous month from someone in charge of their local AA group, requesting an inspirational poem about battling (what can be) the dreadful effects of long term alcohol addiction. I also have a friend (who is a lot like me) who on a day to day basis is a very sensible chap, but will occasionally go "on a bender" and lose sight of everything that he thinks is important - he also played a role in inspiring this poem - as did a lot of my own actions. 

From a very early age society bombards people with various messages that drinking is cool, good for you, will make you attractive etc. etc. This poem hopefully balances some of that propaganda. Enough of the preamble - here's the poem - I hope you like it.


The Drink

I remember the Campari ads;

"drink this and have a great time",

"drink this and be beautiful",

"drink this if you need a rhyme".


The people in the adverts,

were always young and oh so bright,

slim, exciting and attractive,

their clothes seemed to fit just right.


But where are they now ?

I bet they're drinking even more,

because there's plenty the ads didn't say,

I think I should even up the score:


Because The Drink is a dreadful thing,

it will make you obese and make you fat,

and the more that you drink, the more you will drink,

it's addictive, it's as simple as that.


And what is that snow in your hair ?

I bet you love those little white flakes.

Want to get rid of your dandruff ?

Staying off the grog is all that it takes.


I know they wheel out their tame doctors,

"drink two glasses of red wine every day".

Ever wondered who sponsors their research,

ever wondered how they get their pay ?


Watch out for that lunchtime drink,

it will take your sweet breath away,

and when you've had one too many,

it's so very hard (hic) to have your say.


The Drink definitely improves your athleticism,

you think you're twice as good as you are,

there are times you can beat a speeding bullet,

but watch out for that falling star.


What a really stupid saying:

"Let's have one more for the road",

take a life when you've been drinking,

and you'll never repay what is owed.


Drink makes you fall over,

it's staggering the effect that it has,

you simply lose your sense of balance,

(and your chic, your style and your pizzazz).


So, please raise your glasses,

and find a new circle of friends,

because if you're not that careful,

the gutter is where your journey ends.


And the seeds of greatness,

don't grow in the bottom of a vodka glass,

so let's think to your glorious future,

and not drink to the glories of your past.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001