Black Raspberry Jam

Please write a poem for me in honour of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I will need the poem by March 20, 1999, if possible. My parents' names are Gene and June. They were married on March 30, 1949 in Virginia. They have 2 children (1 of each) and 5 grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys). They are wonderful, supportive parents and grandparents. Children and grandchildren alike can always count on them to be in the audience for any performances involving a family member. PawPaw is always sneaking extra cash to the grandkids for that movie or hamburger, or a little extra gas for the car. MawMaw keeps them well-stocked with homemade chicken noodle soup and black raspberry jam. They've sat through many a ballet, gymnastics competition, choral performance, band concert, parade, track meet, football game, baseball game, softball game. If one of theirs was in it, they were there. MawMaw scared us to death several years ago by having a heart attack and double bypass surgery. Thank God she came through that and some other surgeries just fine. PawPaw worried himself almost to death about her, but took care of her through her illnesses almost as good as a "Mom" would. They like to travel by automobile. MawMaw serves as PawPaw's "alligator," a grandchild's misuse of the word navigator. MawMaw loves to shop--she loves the sales! PawPaw loves to make use of his recliner, but he always hops up to take MawMaw to any mall she wants!
Pat (daughter)
Black Raspberry Jam

Homemade chicken soup,
delicious black raspberry jam,
just a couple of treats,
which remind me who I am.

My parents have been married 50 years,
their names are June and Gene,
and they are two of the finest people,
the world has ever seen.

They've always been there for us,
no matter whether thick or thin,
always watching our performances,
and it doesn't matter if we win.

PawPaw is always sneaking cash,
to the kids for a special treat,
either a trip to the movies,
or something fattening to eat !

MawMaw scared us half to death,
when she had her heart attack,
but I am so pleased to report,
that she is well and truly back !

PawPaw was so worried then,
and mothered her just like a Mom would,
mothered her day and night,
mothered her real good !

They like to travel by automobile,
MawMaw is the alligator.
No, she's not snapping at his heels,
it's just kid-speak for navigator !

If there's a bargain to be found,
I know someone who never fails,
MawMaw just loves to shop.
Gee, she loves the sales !

But seriously folks,
'cos some of these words have been in jest,
I just want the world to know,
that I think that they're the best.

And they have shown us
love and what love is for.
So I would like to thank them,
and hope they have fifty more.

Copyright Allen Jesson 1999
Dear Allen,
The poem was great and I'm sure it will be a big hit at their party. Of course, I will copy and frame it and give it to them as an anniversary gift. I have no objections to your publishing the poem; I would ask, however, that you do change the names (OK). Thanks for your help.

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Thank you !