A Birthday Gift

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Looking for an inspirational birthday gift that will make a lasting impression? 


A great way to mark special occasions, especially birthdays. A birthday poem can be written in a variety of styles

and makes for a very emotional birthday gift.


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(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. John wanted something special for Julie for her 50th birthday. John has kindly given his permission for his poem and story to be published)

HB HB - A birthday love poem to his significant other

Full Name:             John Panico                                                 

Who do you want the poem written for?: Julie Ackerson                                              

Why do you want the poem written ?: 50th birthday of significant other (Julie)                  

Key Messages: Still a beautiful person who is fun to be with and a joy to be around

Memorable Moments:     One of our first dates was a camping trip that was only going to take a few hours to get to. Six hours later, we arrive at the campground only to learn it was full. The ranger told us of another camp not far away. Two hours later, Julie kept telling me "just 2 more miles, just 2 more miles"                      

My nicknames for her are HB for Honey Bunny, House Mouse and Willie II.

Other Comments:        Julie is a free spirit and a hippie at heart who loves 70's rock.

Her birthday is this Sunday and we are having a party for her on Saturday, so what is the chance this can get done by then? I know it is late in the game, but I hadn't really come across anything I wanted to get for her until I saw your site. Feel free to call my cell. We live in Georgia, but I am in New York, so she doesn't have to know. Thanks so much!

Style:                 happily nostalgic if possible, but happy                    

Package Type:          Deluxe                                                      

Last thoughts:         I know it is last minute, but help me if you can see it in your heart!  Thanks again!


There are certain times in my life,
when I feel like I've been blessed from above,
and when I walk hand in hand with you,
I'm warmed by the sun and your love.
And I do feel so incredibly lucky,
without you I wouldn't be who I am today
and I have so many loving thoughts for you,
I have so much on my mind I'd like to say.
You see, you're such a beautiful person
and you're simply a joy to be around,
I'm so glad that it was me that you chose,
I'm so very glad that it was you that I found.
And we have so many happy memories,
I remember fondly all the laughter and the smiles,
like the time we went camping
and for two long hours you said: "Just two more miles".
But that one line gives a valuable insight,
because you love life and want to be in it,
really, I think you're just a hippie at heart,
a wonderful, dynamic, free roaming spirit.
So, House Mouse, Willie II,
or Honey Bunny ( HB for short ).
I do love you so very much
and I have just one last thought.
You are my very significant other,
in fact, you're my guiding light, my northern star
and I feel so very privileged to have shared your life
and to have come with you this far.
And I'd like to wish you Happy Birthday, HB,
don't worry, you're less than half way through,
I'm so very pleased that we're together
and that you love me and that I love you.
And I really just wanted to say thank you
and Happy Birthday, Honey Bunny ( or HB HB ),
you are my sunshine, you are my life,
in other words, you mean the very world to me.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

John kindly replied:

"It is awesome!  And thanks for the effort of doing it on such short notice. As for the paper, I like both the celestial or the sunset. I think the celestial would look better in a frame, but I will leave that in your capable hands. Thanks for everything. I think she will be very happy with your work. John"

And after the party...


"I received the poem and it just re-kindled all the good thoughts that  reading it originally created.

I tried to put this comment into your guestbook, but it wouldn't accept that  many letters. Didn't know if you wanted to use, but I can't thank you  enough.

Allen made this poem for my significant other's 50th birthday. He did it with very short notice. As luck would have it, I couldn't have the poem for her party. I decided I would read it at the appropriate time.

As luck would have it, someone wrote one for Julie as well. But at toasting time, I read the poem that Allen so elegantly created.
There not only was a standing ovation, but hardly a dry eye in the house, because they knew it caught her essence.

Needless to say, the poem was a hit and when we finally received the poem,  she was even more impressed.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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