Bill Jansen


We were married in New York,

then packed up in a moving van,

it had all our possessions,

I was happy - I had my man !


Now we've been married,

coming up to just one year,

I'm just happy to have you,

I'm happy that you're near.


I just want you to know,

that I love you so very much,

I love the way you hold me,

I love your tender touch.


You are really kind and generous,

and would sacrifice anything for me,

you are the solid branch,

of our new found family tree.


I really think we're meant for each other,

destiny couldn't keep us apart,

we're joined together at the hip,

we're bonded by the heart.


So these are my lines for you,

my love you will never need to test,

and Bill Jansen, just know,

honey, I think that you're the best !


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 1998

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