Full Name:             Chris Fryar     

Who do you want the poem written for?: Beverly Fryar   

Why do you want the poem written ?: My wife (Beverly) and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary on March 7.  These past few years have been difficult for us both.  This due to the fact that I almost lost her to bone cancer.  However, with God in our corner, she survived with a rare surgery, chemotherapy, as is now cancer free.  She has made a full recovery.  We known each other since we were teenagers and were best friends long before we even dated.  I just wanted to do something very special for her this our  five year anniversary.  Something to let her know how much I love her, how proud I am of her, and how much I am thankful that God granted her life for her to live and continue to be the love of my life.

Key Messages:          I would like the messages to bring out the statements I made in the reason I want the poem written statement.  Her strength and courage surviving her cancer, the times we spent together during our marriage through those tough times and all the fun as well.  How grateful I am to have her in my life and looking forward the years to come.

Memorable Moments:     *Buying our first house recently
*Playing and loving our dog Sampson and cat Dela.
*After being best friends for 4 years, the first time we kissed that night was magical and we felt so comfortable.

Other Comments:        I am confident that you will make this something my wife will love.  She is so wonderful and has been through a lot.  She is now an Oncology Nurse that she has survived cancer (we take one day at a time) and is a role model for those who are living with the disease. I need the poem of course before our anniversary. I want it to be uplifting, funny, but yet let her feel how much she means to me. In the poem, I don't want to mention the word cancer/ may use sickness our something to that effect if you wish.

Style:                 Romantic/Uplifting/Anniversary                              

Package Type:          Deluxe                                                      

Last thoughts:         *Beverly has beautiful blue eyes.

*We were in band together in high school.
*She is very funny, beautiful smile.
*Beverly likes me to tuck her into bed every night and give her a kiss goodnight.
*We both have a strong belief in God.  That He brought us together to win the battles we've won and face the bright and happy future we have ahead. Thanks Again.


Better Place


Happy Anniversary darling,

thank you for a wonderful five years,

so many happy and wonderful memories,

smiles and laughter, splashed with tears.


Now life can be a struggle,

sometimes it's a long continuous war,

but together we've won our battles,

we've found out, united, what true love is for.


You see, you make me so very, very proud,

you are a wonderful sight to behold,

and yours is a story that needs telling,

yes, yours is a story that must be told.


It's a story of love and devotion,

yet enormous courage under enemy fire,

and just when you should have been low,

you kept on lifting higher and higher.


You had a steely look of determination,

your chin had that determined set,

and if you were scared you never let on,

that's something that I'll never forget.


We also had God in our corner,

in hindsight, I guess we couldn't lose,

of all the sparring partners to go the distance with,

I guess He's the one to choose.


Now you've got the all clear,

that's a siren that makes a beautiful sound,

because I couldn't bear life without you,

I really do love having you around.


We've known each other since teenage,

and have been best friends since that time,

our first kiss was four years in the making,

looking back now - that seems such a crime !


Because we both knew from that moment on,

our two destinies were forever entwined,

two individuals on separate pathways,

became one heart, one soul, one mind.


We were in the band together at school,

even then we played in tune,

and I'm looking forward to our future,

I think we'll just stay on honeymoon !


Sampson and Dela can get in a mess,

how we love to watch them play,

and I know that God will bless us with children,

and that'll be one fine summer's day.


We've bought our first house together,

and together we'll build our dreams,

and together we'll share our future,

because we truly are one of the finest teams.


My night would not be complete,

(and I'm very sure of this),

without tucking you up in bed,

and stealing that goodnight kiss.


Seeds of greatness grow in the valleys,

and you've grown a rainforest thick and green,

I'm in awe of your strength and courage,

you're the bravest woman I've ever seen.


You've always been there for me,

I'm grateful for the lessons that you've taught,

your love has been my staff in life,

I am who I am because of your support.


I'm very thankful to God,

for letting you stay a while,

because I'd miss that goodnight kiss,

I'd miss that beautiful smile.


And it is a funny, beautiful smile,

and it melts this very heart inside of me,

and I know that our future is together,

and that's very much a better place to be.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002



Chris kindly replied:


"WOW.  What a powerful piece of work.  I was totally in a state of intense
emotion. You are very talented and you have made this anniversary something
we both will never forget."