August Moon - Wedding vows to make you feel hungry

Full Name:             Renee                                                       

Who do you want the poem written for?: wedding ceremony                                            

Why do you want the poem written ?: To express my love for Jesse in a fun and creative way.     

Key­Messages:          I love his sarcasm, his playfulness, his ability to cook for me, and even his dancing shoes.

Memorable Moments:     I remember when we sat in the Portland Art museum in the Blue  Room and pretended to be part of the display.

Snow Shoeing at White River.

Dancing at Lola's.

Running and he tries to make go faster and I always get mad at tell him I never want to talk to him again, which last until the run is over.

Eating at Thai Thai and Papaya Thai.

Me throwing tantrums so he will take me to The Spaghetti Factory and Jesse laughing at me.

Signing karaoke at The Alibi tavern.

Playing Battleship.

Road trips to Montana.

Crunchy crab rolls at the Dragonfish.

Playing with my kitty Cousteau and the fact that Jesse lives with him now even though he is allergic.

Other Comments:        I like that we never get too serious but that there is still a certain amount of depth and devotion in our relationship.

Style:                 Happy                                                       

Package Type:          Economy    


August Moon
Hello, my wonderful Jesse,
I'm so glad that we're standing here today,
because I wanted to tell you a few things,
yes, I have some heartfelt words to say.
Firstly, I wanted to say I love you very much,
you're everything I've dreamed of (and more),
and I wanted to express my love for you,
that's really what these words are for.
Our story started under an August Moon,
the restaurant where we had our very first date,
so it's fitting that August is here once again,
and that I've found my one and only soul-mate.
I love your sarcasm, your playfulness,
and your cooking is something I'd always choose,
you are an expert on any computer,
and yes, I even love your dancing shoes.
I remember when we sat in the Blue Room,
and pretended to be a piece of Portland Art,
we've snow-shoed at White River, danced at Lola's,
and when we run I always give you a head start.
I know I pretend to get angry,
especially when you go and run too fast,
and I know I say I'll never speak to you again,
but like my spurts, those words never last.
We love to eat at Thai Thai and Papaya Thai,
and tantrums get me to The Spaghetti Factory,
we play battleships, have road trips to Montana,
and at the Alibi, we're signing Karaoke.
Crunchy crab rolls at the Dragonfish,
even the sound of it sounds rather nice,
and I know that you're allergic to cats,
so playing with Cousteau certainly has it's price.
And I think that's what I like about our relationship,
never too serious, but there's depth and devotion, side by side,
and I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you,
and yes, I'm very honored to be your bride.
And I'd like to thank that August Moon,
and tonight I'll look to and thank the heavens above,
because I know I've found my happiness,
I've found you, my one and only true love.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003


Oh my goodness this poem is awesome! I love it! You did such a nice job! Needless to say I'm very impressed. I've never purchased a poem before but this is definitely well worth the money. I don't have any objections to you publishing my story or/and poem. Thanks again!