Our parents have been married for 25 years.  Their 25th Wedding
Anniversary is on Christmas Day 12-25-2000 and we are having a surprise
party to celebrate.  We have invited their closest friends through the
years and have asked a minister to be present to renew their vows.

Parent's Names:  Butch & Marilynne Klasner
Children hosting party:  Mike, Kerri (Rod), Bob (Sue), Jennifer
Grandchildren:  Nikki, Britney, Cody, Zachary, Stephanie, and Cassandra

Butch:  Born in Indiana - November 25, 1945 - Butch was in the 2nd
graduating class @ Andrean H.S. (Catholic School).  After high school,
he went to work for NIPSCO (Electric Company) and after that he went on
to be a Lake County Police Officer.  Working in the Crime Lab for the
County Police was his passion.  Due to health problems (Heart Attacks, 2
open-heart surgeries & diabetes), he was forced into permanent
disability.  Butch has a wonderful sense of humor and always loves a
sarcastic joke.  He loves the Packers and glues himself to the TV when
they're playing and when not watching TV, he loves to sit and play on
his computer.  Butch was previously married and had 2 children - Bob &

Marilynne:  Born in Indiana - November 23, 1947 - Marilynne graduated
from Crown Point H.S.  Marilynne was previously married and was a
housewife.  In this marriage, Marilynne also had 2 children - Mike &
Kerri.  After marrying Butch, Marilynne starting driving a school bus
and continued to do so for approximately 15 years.  She is currently
working at a floral shop.  Marilynne is an excellent floral designer &
crafter.  She loves to go camping and spend time with her
grandchildren.  She is a very outgoing individual.

Butch & Marilynne:  We can't remember how they met, but we do know that
they dated for a short amount of time (approx. 8 months) prior to the
wedding - so we'll just start from their wedding day! The children were
3,3,8 & 11 at the time of their marriage.  On Christmas Day 1975, Butch
& Marilynne decided that they wanted to get married - NOW!  So they
drove to Lowell, Indiana with 2 of their friends (Best Man & Maid of
Honor) and Kerri & Mike (Marilynne's children) and knocked on Reverend
Love's door.  They interrupted his Christmas dinner and they were
married in his living room.  Marilynne had a full leg cast (up to her
waist), due to an accident.  After the "ceremony", they picked up
Butch's children (Bob & Jennifer) and headed to Butch's sister's house
for a Christmas celebration and to share the big news!  Because of the
leg cast, Marilynne couldn't go down the stairs (which is where the
party was), so Butch left her upstairs!

Their marriage is a wonderful example of endurance.  They have survived
many marital obstacles such as, rebellious teen-agers & stepparent
issues, health problems, losses, etc. and through all of this, their
marriage is still strong.  They are still full-time parents and
grandparents.  They dedicate their time and lives to the needs of their
children and grandchildren.  Butch & Marilynne are the kind of people
that would go out of their way to do something for anyone that asks them
or for anyone in need of something.  Everywhere they go they know
someone & everyone we (the children) have ever met loves them.  They
have always been the kind of parents that our friends envied us for.
They haven't only been parents; they have been friends to us and
everyone that we know.  Even now that we're older, our friends still
keep in contact with them and vice-versa.  Some of our friends are as
close to them as they are to us.

Marilynne is now working part-time and with Butch retired, they have
plenty of time to travel.  Marilynne prefers California and Butch
prefers Florida.  Nevertheless, no matter where they go - it's always a
compromise.  One of their last lengthy trips was to California, and on
the drive down Butch wanted to stop at Roswell.  Although Marilynne
wasn't nearly as excited as Butch, she compromised, as did he in
spending 2 weeks in California.  After the trip, we heard all about what
a wonderful time they both had!

Through all of the ups and downs - they always come out on top!  It is
evident to all that know Butch & Marilynne that their marriage has all
of the basic ingredients needed: Love, Trust, Patience, Communication,
Devotion, and a Best Friendship!

We are very excited that we have this opportunity to give them the
wedding & reception that they never had.  The four of us would like a
poem that we can all read during the party to let them know how much we
love them and appreciate all that they do for us, our children, and our
friends.  Also how proud of them we are that they've made it 25 years!

Imagine - 4 rebellious children, all grown up now and capable of
planning all of this and keeping it a surprise!  Thank you in advance!!

Best Of Friends
Love doesn't always work,
especially the first time around.
A screen door slamming,
can be such a lonely sound.
But they say everything for a reason,
although it doesn't make much sense at the time,
but life ain't no bowl of cherries,
sometimes its hard to find the perfect rhyme.
But when Butch met Marilynne,
things were on the improve,
and eight short months later,
they were certainly on the move !
On a spur of the moment,
Christmas Day, Nineteen Seventy Five,
a time of impetuous happiness,
a great day to be alive.
And Reverend Love kept his word,
in the middle of his Christmas fare,
it must have been quite a sight,
with Marilynne plastered standing there !
And from impulsive acorns,
do mighty fine oaks grow,
and twenty five good years later,
there's many a branch to show.
Their marriage is endurance personified,
they've survived every hurdle and more,
now I know what true love means,
now I know what best friends are for.
All teenagers are prone to rebel,
especially with a step parent thrown in,
it's a battle that must be drawn,
because no generation can ever win.
And life can get tough,
especially with a dodgy heart,
so many obstacles for one family,
would have torn many others apart.
But Butch and Marilynne are different,
they're different from the rest,
they are the greatest parents ever known.
Yes, it's official ! They're the best ! 
And we just wanted to say thank you,
as this poetic rendition ends,
thank you, we love you dearly,
you are our very best of friends.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001 

"We were all extremely happy with the poem.  It brought tears to our eyes and we've decided that we all can't read it because we'll cry - so we've volunteered the oldest brother to do it!  I received the e-mail re: the shipping and can't wait to receive it!!  Thank you again so much, you really do outstanding work!"  Jennifer