I have just been reading some of your poems and they are so
beautiful. Could you please write a poem for me to say at my
I am getting married 4 December to Daniel, he is the most wonderful
man, I have been a widow for 14 years, and he has just been through a
divorce. We met in September 1998 and things just blossomed from
there (I think it was love at first sight - he even told me that nite
he would marry me one day).
We have just got engaged on 3 April and as I say the big day is now
4/12/99. Can't wait.
He is from Argentina, and I am from UK, so that is quite a
combination, although we both live in South Africa (Cape Town) at
I have a 15 year old daughter and he also has two girls, 16 and 19,
Thank you so much in anticipation.
Linda Swinton
Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
South Africa
Angels Answer
The Angels' must have looked upon me,
Saw that I felt alone,
And sent a special man to me;
A love to call my own.
They made you true and kind,
you're wonderful and more;
That's how I knew you were meant for me;
That's how I could be sure.
I loved you right away,
I said I'd be your wife,
To cherish you forever more;
To share with you my life.
Together with our children,
our home will be full of love;
For that I thank the Angels
Who heard me from heaven above.
I pledge my faithfulness,
For Daniel you've won my heart,
From this day forever more,
May we never be apart.

Copyright Joey L. Eddins January 2000
Thanks for the quick response to my request, that was great.
Thank you very much for the wonderful poem, it is beautiful and I will read it at my wedding to Daniel on 4 December 1999. Yes, you may print it on the website, and yes you can leave the names unchanged. God Bless you too and congrats on your wedding anniversary, I hope Daniel and myself will have many to look forward to in the future.
Thanks again and thanks a million for a great site!!!
Linda Swinton
Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
South Africa

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