Allen's Personal Best

For a (number of different reasons)

these are my personal favorites..


Dream Of A Day

(a moving wedding toast)


Flowers on Highway Twelve

(50 years happily tied together in last verse)


Work Of Art

(A nice eulogy)


Don't Mention The War

(fond memories of a great birthday party)



(the first poem where I realized I could "make a difference")


The 19 Year Old

(a very sad and only too common tale)


The Drink

(beware of those midday martinis)


Last Words

(this poem actually saved a life)


The Unknown Soldier

(the wastefulness and the unfortunate essentialness of war)


Melbourne Markets

(one from my "other" style)


The World and It's Soul I + II

("I" written on September 12th, 2001)


The Last Barbecue

(to be read at my funeral)


Nan's Recipe

(if only the world lived and thought like Nan)


When I Was Young

(one of my earlier works)


What If?

(my first poem back after 20-odd years)


The Affair

(another early work)


Puffing Billy

(my battle against the dreaded weed)


Correct Weight

(another of my "old" loves, horse racing)


Of course, a lot of these are featured in my latest book,

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In truth, I have many, many more that have a special place in my heart. Please let me know if you would like me to add more. I would be interested in your feedback, please let me know. Thanks, Allen