I always ask for permission to publish and some of my customers have kindly agreed to have their photos included with their stories. I thank them for their generosity as I think this page adds a nice touch. I hope you agree.



Miracle On Earth

Against All Odds


"When I read your poem tears were running down."




A Soldier's Fortune

The Reality Of Baghdad

"I am not and never have been angry at him for being in the military."

100+ Letters, 118 Days

Happy Birthday Soldier


"He called me from the UN building in Baghdad..."



Gold Beyond Measure

We have your love

"..the poem was one of the main highlights of the event.  My Parents loved it!!"



Three Bites Is The Rule

Dinnertime manners for a lifetime

"The 50th wedding anniversary was wonderful!  I think my parents really enjoyed the poem."



Lost And Found

Sometimes love can take some finding...

"You are truly talented, thank you so much for this wonderful gift."



The Steely Dan Plan

Dance plans for the new father

It is unbelievable. I love it!! And I thank you for making it happen... It is the best gift I think I will ever give him...



Work Of Art

At times God excels

"Once again, thank you. I could have sat for five years and not come up with anything near as good as this. And I know for sure Peter would love it."


Shining Examples

To Us All

"Thanks for the rewrite --  it's perfect!"


The Vision

Parents with vision, daughter with apology

"This is truly a wonderful work of art.  You have put on paper what I have felt for most of my 43 years."





Renaissance Marriage

"She spoke them to me straight from her Soul."



The Miracle Child

Thanks Doc

"Thank you so much for this, you truly put my words together."

Perfect Moments

Spent With You

"I've seen a number of the poems on your site... and it's easy to tell that you put a lot of effort into all your poems"


Philly's Shoe, Missing You

A soldier at war, a wife at home

"Wow! It is perfect, I love it"


and I give you my soul, my everything...

"Wanted to tell you thank you and give you a real big hug for the poem you wrote me you are the greatest of all. That poem was the talk of all talks at my wedding to let you know. It really touched everyone's hearts."


"The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse".

Walt Whitman, excerpt from "O Me! O Life!"

What will your verse be?"

Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society"