Accompany Me - A love poem from a husband to his wife on their second anniversary

Q1: What is your Name?
A1: Larry Jaski Jr.

Q2: What is your Email Address?

Q3: Who do you want the poem written for ?
A3: My wife for our two year wedding anniversary on January 8th, 2002.

Q4: Why do you want the poem written ?
A4: For our 2 year anniversary on January 8, 2002.

Q5: What are the key messages you would like the poem to send ?
A5: We met at Coleman College in San Marcos on February 25, 1999.

Q6: Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable
moments that you would like to share ?
A6: When I first met my wife, Niki, it was on February 25, 1999 at Coleman
College in San Marcos California.  It was really funny because I have been
looking at Niki for quite some time and fortunately we both had the same
friend. I asked this friend to find a way for me to get closer to Niki.
So what he did was pull her into the lounge of the college campus and
started talking to her and I just happened to come into the room and
interruppted her conversation we this frienf of both of us that she didnt
even know that I knew.  I said to her dont I know you.  She said I dont
think.  So I said yeah I do remember you because you was yelling at some
guy on the phone and I though you were really rude.  Conseqently, we both
were experiencing a single parenthood where niki was having issues with
her sons father not wanting to be a part of his life and was yelling at
him that night. I on the other hand was completing a child custody battle
with my ex wife with my daughter because I wanted to be apart of my
daughters life.  Make a long story short we ended up talking that night
about both of our situations and hit it off pretty well.  About two days
later I saw niki again in the lounge and by this time she knew and I
wanted to try and ask her out.  I entered the lounge and I caught her
saying to one of her friends that she was sorry that she offended him/her.
So I decided to ask niki if I could speak with her in the hallway of the
campus and she said what did I offend you too.  I said yes you did
actually and I would like to discuss it with you.  When I was able to get
her out of the lounge I began saying that no you did not offend me niki I
just wanted to get you alone so I can ask you something.  She said oh ok
thank god because I thought I offended you too.  Then she what do you want
to ask me.  I said well the other night I was extremely pleased over the
outcome of our conversation and I fell for her that night.  I went along
to ask her if she would ACCOMPANY me to my promotion party on Friday.  She
was so surprise because I was the first guy that asked her on a date the
way I did by saying if she would accompanying me.  So she said yes.  She
then asked me how old I was because her and her friend thought I was 28 or
30.  I said well you both are wrong.  She well higher or lower.  I said
lower. Then she began to go down by twos until she hit 20.  Then she got a
surprised look on her face and said just please dont tell me your 19.  So
at that time I said ok my birthday is March 19th, 1979 and at that time I
was 19 getting ready to turn 20.  She laughed and have remember these
moments ever since we brought our children together to form one happy

Q7: Do you have any other comments or thoughts ?
A7: I would like the poem kind of focusing on our initial meeting of one
another a little bit.

Q8: What style of poem would you prefer ? (Happy, sad, romantic etc.)
A8: Romantic with some humor or laughter.

Q9: How did you find out about A Gift Of Poetry ? (If a search engine,
please specify which engine and search term you used)
A9: google search engine

Q10: Choose either the economy, standard, unique or deluxe package.
A10: deluxe

Accompany Me
Just like that, paths cross,
just like that, lives meet.
What was once just traffic,
suddenly becomes a two way street.
This was the second time around,
for not one but for both of us,
we were not just trying to find our lives again,
but trying to find our lives, love and trust.
We'd both had partners before,
but some things are just not meant to be,
so we were flotsam just drifting around,
wandering aimlessly and all at sea.
And then I saw you,
and knew it could be different then,
couldn't wait to ask you out,
I just had to figure - how and when?
So with just a little manipulation,
and the help of our mutual friend,
I just "happened" to talk to you,
and my loneliness just "happened" to end.
And that's when the match was struck,
that's when the flame was lit,
and if you ask whether I loved you then,
well, yes I did (just a little bit).
I then plucked up the courage,
(looking for a better place to be),
and you smiled a sympathetic smile,
as I asked you to "accompany" me.
Now, you'd never been "accompanied" before,
but there's a first time for everything, I guess,
and my love for you was growing more,
very certainly more, not less.
And that love has grown ever since,
it blossomed on our wedding day,
and I now love you more than ever.
What more can there be left to say?
Apart from: I'm so glad to be part of you,
I'm so glad you're accompanying me through life,
I'm so glad that our families are together,
and yes, I'm so very glad that you're my wife :)
Copyright Allen Jess :o) n 2002
Larry kindly replied:
"This poem is awesome I am very pleased.  This first draft is perfectly fine with me.  I would like the Beach at sunset background for this gift with no autograph.  Also, I have no objections to putting it on your website.  My anniversary is the 8th of January how quickly can this get to my home.  You do have my address.  Thanks Again.  I also would like to request a confirmation email from you when this has been sent.  Thanks Again.  This will be in a box gift wrapped correct?