A Story To Be Told


What is your name: Yvonne Meronti

Who do you want the poem written for: Father

Why do you want the poem written : Celebration of his life
What are the key messages you would like to send: Lambeth born-poor family of 4 brothers with 1 sister. went to school sharing shoes & bread & dripping. Left school 14. First bike to escape from London at weekends. Lots of different jobs, called up Kings Royal Rifles. Service in North Africa, Italy & Monte Casino de-mobbed in 1946. Young daughter Joan 5 years old in Lawford, wife killed in bombing. Started fish round, got re-married then ice cream + cafe furniture & estate agency. Extrovert gregarious & loved people. Royal Garden Party, Man of Year with Esther Rantzen. Interests: drama, singing, fishing, boating, hut at Wrabness, great cyclists Founder member of Sailing club, Manifest Drama, fundraising for RNLI, St Johns Ambulance with 100 mile long charity bike rides. Really enjoyed life to the full.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): Happy

Please choose which package you would prefer: Unique

A Story To Be Told
Whatever you do,
please don't be sad today,
and that might take some explaining,
so that leaves a fair bit still to say:
You see, there are many lives lived,
then again, there's fewer that get lived to the full,
some people just go and exist,
and for them, inevitably, life is rather dull.
But it never was so for our father,
he lived life and then a little bit more,
and we wanted to tell you about him,
we guess that's really what these words are for.
He was born in Lambeth in 1914,
in the midst of a war that certainly wasn't great,
one of four brothers, he also had a sister,
a poor family, but that was just the winds of fate.
He was sent to school with bread and dripping,
and with his brothers, he had to share his shoes,
he left school at 14, had lots of different jobs,
he learned early that there was no time to lose.
He made a bicycle with his brother,
and he'd cycle to the country at weekends,
he was called up to serve with the King's Royal Rifles,
Africa, Sicily and Casino was where he won and lost his friends.
Sadly, his wife was killed in the war,
and that left him and Joan, still only two,
he was de-mobbed in 1946, came to Lawford,
and started to decide what he should do.
He started a fish round,
and happily, he remarried Joan Payne,
they worked together their whole lives, never apart,
and that's where he started to live life again.
So it was a cafe, an ice cream round,
he sold furniture and started an estate agency,
there he was, once more, living life to the full,
and little Yvonne was born in 1953.
And now if you fast forward 50 years,
all we've left are the memories to hand,
and we'll treasure them against the tides of life,
because all of us are just footprints in the sand.
But his footprints were made while dancing,
because he danced from a difficult start in life,
he was the best father in the world,
and he was a wonderful husband to his loving wife.
Extravert, gregarious, fun, loads of energy,
these are just words that spring to mind,
a born optimist whose glass was always half full,
truly, simply put, he was one of a kind.
He was Esther's man of the year,
and he walked on Buckingham Palace's grass,
and he's made such an impression on all of us,
and we know that impression will last and last.
So we say to the young people here today,
in fact, we say it to every one of you,
live for today, climb your mountain,
go ahead, be proud of everything that you do.
And never let fear get the better of you,
challenge yourself, and let your destiny unfold,
and then one day in a distant time to come,
then you too, will have a story to be told.
Because our father loved life and it's people,
and truly, we loved him with all our heart,
and we wanted to tell you a little about him,
but in truth, we just didn't know where to start.
So we think we'll close by looking upwards,
and thinking of Dad, dancing in the heavens above,
because we know he's left his footprints,
we know we were blessed with his love.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004


Yvonne kindly replied:


"Dad's poem was perfect and the centrepiece of the whole celebration and we cannot thank you enough. He would have loved it."




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