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A gift. A gift of poetry. The perfect gift for any anniversary,wedding or birthday. A Gift of Poetry, for "once-in-a-lifetime". Please click here to order.

A Gift of Poetry. The unique gift for every occasion

Your words, your thoughts and feelings.               Captured within a gift, A Gift of Poetry.             Presented in a uniquely designed, boxed, hand-made card, with your verse of choice as a key emotional focal point.        Truly, a 'once-in-a-lifetime' gift, a gift that inspires the heart and touches the soul.

A Gift of Poetry - A Teddy With A Tale

A beautiful  teddy,

presented in three quality,

nested gift boxes,

with your tale to tell.


A unique and romantic gift

for someone you love.

A truly romantic and unique gift for every occasion.

A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion

All three boxes are tied with

ribbon and have one of your favorite

verses tucked under the ribbon.


These can be the first three verses or

just three of your favorites, we don't mind

(we put these gifts together by hand).

It's this slow revelation of your poem

that adds to the overall excitement and

meaning of your gift...


...and once the third ribbon is removed, there,

in the smallest box, nestled so very snugly,

is the teddy of your choice.

A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion

A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion


Once teddy is lifted out your poem is

revealed, which has been printed and

packaged in a tiny envelope, hand tied

and placed under your teddy.


Your poem is also printed on a

'frame-ready' print,

which is packaged externally

to the teddy.


So, here he is.


Your teddy, with a tale to tell.


What would yours say?

A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion

I know I'm biased but I think this is the most romantic gift we've ever put together.


Perfect for Christmas and Valentine's

(or just to say "I love you")


Finished with gold ribbon, this is a truly unique gift, the only one of it's kind in the world.


Just like you.


A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion A Gift of Poetry - Teddy With A Tale - A unique gift for every occasion

PS The boxes are really high quality, so they can be recycled for another gift or used as useful and decorative storage space.


Price INCLUDES your poem, teddy, nested boxes,

'frame-ready' print of your choice,

packing and free DELIVERY worldwide.


 Delivered anywhere in the world for only US$49.50, fully inclusive.

Please click here to see the price in your local currency


Satisfaction is guaranteed.


HOW TO ORDER in 2 Easy Steps


1. Please choose your teddy:


Please click on the photo for a larger image.


What a romantic idea! Your poem, drifted up on some local shore, and in that bottle there’s a message, your words, declaring your love for evermore.







2. Then complete the simple order form here:




This is the poem that will be presented by your teddy. You can replace NAME with

anything you prefer i.e. mom, David, Sue etc. You can also replace

PERSON with father, mom, mother, husband etc.  If you already have a poem written or

would prefer to use another poem, then please let me know when you place your order.


NAME, I just wanted to say "thank you",

but honestly, I didn't know where to start,

so I thought I'd share a few feelings,

and give you some words, straight from the heart.


I know I've been blessed to have shared you,

I know I should thank my lucky stars above,

because as you unwrap this little present,

you'll see that it's ribboned with my love.


And now the smallest box says it all,

because to thank you, words simply fail,

so I've enlisted a treasured little helper,

here he is, it's your own Teddy With A Tale.


He and I just wanted to say "we love you",

you're the best PERSON on this planet Earth,

I for one know your true and honest value,

I know exactly what your love is really worth.


Thanks for helping me in this world,

thanks for making me who I am today,

thanks for being my very best friend,

and that one line leaves so much to say.


Because you've always been there for me,

and when it mattered, you were there by my side,

and I know I couldn't have picked a finer PERSON,

I know I couldn't - even if I'd tried.


You've given me so wonderful memories,

in truth, there's too many to individually list,

just know that each and every one is precious,

there's not one that I would have missed.


I also know it hasn't been all plain sailing,

but you never once lost your faith in me,

and I just wanted to thank you for being you,

you've made my world a great place to be.


I would not change you for the world,

you are a part of everything that I do,

you understand me, you believe in me,

and that is why, NAME, I love you.


Copyright Allen Jesson :o) 2004






Also, if you would prefer a Uniquely Written poem please complete the order form here. I will complete the first draft of your poem within 96 hours. Once you have received your first draft, any requested changes are made within 48 hours. You have unlimited redrafts. I also offer a no quibble guarantee. I will not charge for your poem unless you are totally satisfied with my work.


Introductory Offer. Delivered anywhere in the world for only US$99.50 prepaid, fully inclusive.


Uniquely Written ORDER




You can also find other package options here.


Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Frequently Asked Questions.


Other Questions? Please e-mail Allen here.








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