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A Gift of Poetry. The unique gift for every occasion

Your words, your thoughts and feelings.               Captured within a gift, A Gift of Poetry.             Presented in a uniquely designed, boxed, hand-made card, with your verse of choice as a key emotional focal point.        Truly, a 'once-in-a-lifetime' gift, a gift that inspires the heart and touches the soul.


Please do something (to make this world a better place to be)


We can change the world. You and I.


Simply by doing something.


(Here's the list so far, don't forget to send in your contributions).


PS There's a real life example of a something here


and there's another something here...



something (s)


Baby-sit for a tired mom

Hug your child/children, some couples can't have children

Donate your old clothes to a needy family

Pick flowers for your elderly neighbor

Volunteer at a nursing home...just to visit with them

Amanda, Niles, Mi., USA


Take some time to share things with, talk to and

listen to your children. 


Anna, Donna, Texas, USA



Share your knowledge and expertise without payment

Plan activities with the neighborhood kids.  When I lived in Hawaii, the kids in my neighborhood

called me "Auntie", I took them to the beach, the movies, baked cookies, baked cakes for their birthdays,

had barbecues and 2 Christmas ago, I had a gingerbread house decorating contest

with prizes for winners as well as those participating.  I believe that it does take a whole

village to raise children.

If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

Become a mentor to a child you know is heading in the wrong direction.
Sometimes, it just takes someone to show they care and a listening ear to
make them see they're worth more than they think.

Say "Thank You" to the cashier at the grocery check out, the sales person
who took the time to help you, your mail man, etc . . . you'd be surprised
how little they hear these two little words from customers.  It will help
make their day a little brighter.

Collect your recyclable items and donate them to the homeless.  It's so much better to have it ready for them than to see them digging in your trash. Give them food and drink when they pick it up.

Grow some flowers and give some of the seedlings to your friends and

Grow fruit trees and vegetables and give some of them to your friends and neighbors.

Bake cookies, cakes and food to take to church for after service

Offer to pay for a homeless person.

Buy a meal with a drink and give it to a homeless person or better yet, buy a chicken meal and give it to a homeless family.

When I was around 19 and used to work in downtown Honolulu, each time I got paid I'd buy several meals and leave them on the benches in paper sacks. You see there were many homeless people hanging around at the bus stop waiting for leftover foods that others would leave behind.  Sometimes I would leave a few dollars in each.

These are just some of the things that I have done.  Hope this is what you wanted. Warm Regards, Chris

Christina Morgan



Donate blood. I do as often as I can. My co-workers ask me why do I give up my lunch hour to donate? I tell them that until someone can figure out how to make it, I will keep donating. To help that burn patient to recover and go home to his/her family. To help that surgery person to walk another warm evening with a loved one, and to not forget, that just one hour of my day gives someone else a lifetime of tomorrows. Hope this one can be incorporated. I think it is a winner.

Linda White, California, USA


Open up your heart and let someone in.

 Smile at others as its contagious, it will catch on.

 Love everyone today as much as you can as you never know when they will be gone.




Reflect Christ.  It may be the only Bible someone ever reads!  

Scott Schachner, South Carolina, USA


Please help to spread the word and recommend this page to as many of

your friends and colleagues as you can. Thank you.






Beggared Questions - Please, please, don't be a passer by

Smile at and say "hello" to a stranger.

Don't drop litter.


Bake a cake for a neighbor. Introduce yourself.


Find an old lady. Mow her lawn.



Sponsor a child.

Share your lunch with a homeless person.

Pay it forward (like the movie).

Encourage your church to spend it's money.

Pick up other people's litter.

Send a greeting card for no reason.

Vote out any government, politician or body that lies to you, treats or taxes you unfairly. Vote out anybody who doesn't care.

Give someone poorer some of your money.

Encourage your company to share it's profits

amongst the employees (and the needy).


Invite a total stranger to your house

for Christmas Day or Thanksgiving


Do not smoke (or cut down)


Do not drink alcohol (or cut down)


Do not do drugs (or cut down)


Do something artistic. Paint, draw, write, sculpt etc.


Be happy with your body shape or find a diet that works.


Exercise daily.


Become less materially focused.




Take up Yoga.


Explore other religions.


Learn about another country and it's people.


Save the Children


Believe in a greater power.


Say "Hello" one hundred times in one day.


Love. Love yourself. Love one another. Love all.


Donate all of your old books.


Clear out your wardrobe and give to the homeless.


Give up your seat on the bus.


Walk or bike to work.


No matter what, forgive.


To add your something please send me an e-mail here


I know that you and I can't change the world.  But we can change a little piece of it, the little piece that we deal with on a daily basis. We can also choose to go out and seek others that may need our help, whether they be in our street, our town, our country, our world.  It doesn't really matter where they are, we can choose to change those little pieces. So, just by our daily actions, we can change the world (or at least that very small piece of it.).


But imagine if we all started to think that we could all change the world (or at least our little piece of it). Then imagine if all those small pieces became one.  Collectively, we would have steered the world towards goodness. We would have changed the world. You and I.


You see, I can. You can. We can. Simply by doing something.


So now, please:


1. Adopt any of the ideas

you can and include them into your lifestyle.


2. By sending me an e-mail here (allenjesson@agiftofpoetry.com), suggest one of

your ideas so that I can include it on the list.


3. Send this page to as many of your friends and

colleagues as you can.


 Allen Jesson :) 2004  www.agiftofpoetry.com


The more and more I look at the world, I can't help feeling that we are going in the wrong direction. In very general terms, we are becoming a less caring society, seemingly more willing to wage war than to give help to our friends and neighbors.

The nightly news is full of negativity and the world's real problems (starvation, homelessness, AIDS, education, clean water supply, healthcare for all, to name but a few) , never seem to get a decent airing (let alone real discussion time to solve the issues).

It seems that the rich (that's you and I in world terms) are getting richer at the expense of the poor, with half the world's population now living on less than $2 a day.

The real joke in all of this is that we are all getting busier and busier. Are we becoming too busy too care?

But that's just the way it is, isn't it? Anyway, there are already charities out there for all of this. What's this to do with me?

That's what I thought. But over a contemplative glass of wine on New Years Eve (31st December 2003) I decided I had two choices. The first choice was an easy one to make and I'd been doing it all my life - do nothing. I can't change things, so why bother? Things are the way that they are.

That's why the second choice is always a lot harder to make. It takes a great deal of fortitude and courage to change 'things'.

The simple truth is that we can't keep doing the same stuff and expect a different result. We must change things, change our daily behavior, to change 'things'.

And that's the simple choice I made that night, I am going to do something (and I hope you will join me).

I know I can't change the world but I can change a little piece of it, just by my daily actions, my daily something.

So can you. So can we.

We Can.


Collectively We Can  change the reality - and that's simply

by doing something.


So that's how this whole thing got started. I began to list ways I thought we could all play our part. At this stage this is still very much my list, but I would like to see it transform into a "World", a "We" list. So please send in your ideas and I will give you a mention

(if you want me to).


Also, please let me know if you have started to do something


(as there is something you can start doing today..)


So now, please:


1. Adopt any of the ideas

you can and include them into your lifestyle.


2. By sending me an e-mail here (allenjesson@agiftofpoetry.com), suggest one of

your ideas so that I can include it on the list.


3. Recommend this page to as many of your friends and

colleagues as you can.







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